Marketing is a crucial pursuit in running a business successfully. A wise entrepreneur will never ignore the marketing function throughout all stages of the company’s growth.

Marketing becomes even more important for architects, especially when they want to expand their market and revenues. Here are five ways that can make architects achieve their marketing goals:

1. Define the Target Market Before Building a Marketing Strategy.

If you are an architect, chances are there is a particular type of person whom you usually do work for or would like to have as a client. This is the first step in marketing towards your desired audience to determine what type of customers will be interested in buying your services.

For example, if most of your clients are young professionals with families, then there may not be much point in marketing towards empty-nesters or retirees since they likely won’t need your services anytime soon. However, targeting one group can also limit your potential, so try to find some overlap between the two groups so that either age group could benefit from your services at some point. Take time to define exactly who your target market is and how it will influence your marketing.

2. Create a Branding Strategy

Another way to accomplish your marketing goals is to develop a branding strategy that guides all of your efforts in developing and implementing your business messaging, visual identity, product lines, and promotions. One name should be integrated into every aspect throughout all these elements, beginning from the tagline describing precisely what you offer until your mission statement.

3. Build an Online Presence

A branding strategy can be most effective when a strong online presence backs it up. Even if you don’t plan to sell anything directly through your website, it is still crucial that potential clients find you online whenever they need architectural services. Make sure your website contains vital information like location, telephone number, pricing structure, qualifications, and testimonials.

Creating an online presence further differentiates your firm from the rest of the competition. In addition, taking advantage of internet marketing will help you get listed on search engines for relevant keywords so potential clients can see your company name when they are looking for an architect in their area.

Another way to create an online presence is through social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, which have become popular tools for architects to attract new business. These sites allow users to share content with other people worldwide, which adds value since others may find something useful or interesting that could lead to a future project.

4. Network

The importance of networking should never be overlooked. It is crucial in every industry, especially for you as an architect, because your success as a business depends on other people’s satisfaction with your services.

A great way to network is by joining professional organizations. Joining a local organization can help you forge new personal and professional friendships, leading to referrals and other project opportunities. You can also join online communities or attend conventions that will allow you to meet potential clients face to face.

Networking is an excellent opportunity to build brand partnerships with other companies your target market would be interested in. For example, if you are targeting young professionals, then you might consider sponsoring an event like a 5k run or working together with real estate companies offering remodeling services for new homeowners.

5. Get the Service of a Marketing Firm

The importance of hiring a marketing firm can be summed up with one word: results. It takes time and energy to develop, implement, maintain and market your business strategy, which is why investing in an outside company that specializes in architecture marketing could provide you with higher returns. In addition, a good marketing firm should have the experience to know what strategies are most effective for each client based on their target market, size of the firm, among other factors. They will also have access to various venues for advertising through social media, search engine optimization, press release distribution, and media relations.

A good marketing firm should be able to provide proof of results through case studies. By getting the service of a reputable marketing agency, you can rest assured that your business’s marketing strategy is in safe hands so you can spend your time focusing on what you do best: designing creative buildings.


Marketing is an extremely important aspect for architects because it is the key to generating new business opportunities. Without marketing, your business cannot survive.

Once you know how you will market your company, the next step is to find a strategy that will work for you. If traditional methods are not working, consider searching for an agency that will provide you with more results at a lower cost. By investing in yourself and finding ways to get new clients, you can enjoy more success in the field of architecture.