5 Ups and Downs You Will Face when Struggling with an Addiction

Quitting alcohol or drugs isn’t easy, especially if you’re addicted. Addiction is extremely harmful to the body and puts it in danger. If you want to live a healthy and happy life, you need to work on overcoming your addiction by focusing on healthy habits and effective treatments.

Completing a rehab program is not a piece of cake. It comes with unique challenges that everyone has to fight with if they wish to get past addiction.

Here are some challenges you will encounter when trying to overcome an addiction.

Rising Difficult Emotions

People often get addicted to drugs and alcohol to negate negative emotions. As soon as you start to sober up, those emotions hit you again and compel you to misuse the substances once more. It’s pretty difficult for some people to avoid such emotions; therefore, they relapse and succumb to their cravings.

Problems will always arise in your life, but turning to your addiction is not the solution. It will take you some time to focus on finding solutions rather than turning a blind eye to them by feeding into your addiction. Learning coping strategies to deal with challenging emotions and handle stress efficiently is necessary.

Severe Cravings

Cravings are common even during active addiction, but since you are not really focused on your health at that point, you tend to them by giving in. However, dealing with cravings is extremely hard to tackle for people.

You need to find a strategy to identify your triggers and learn how to avoid them to prevent cravings. You can also learn a few behavioral strategies and control your emotions to fight cravings.

Relationship Problems

Your relationships are among the first things to get affected due to addiction. Substance abuse leads to deceptive behavior that diminishes the trust in the relationship. Addiction forces you to change your priorities and neglect your responsibilities towards your family and friends.

A person struggling with addiction often does not realize when they are lying to or stealing from their loved ones. All they care about is feeling euphoric by misusing their choice of substance to avoid their problems in life. This temporary solution may result in losing all their friends and support system, which is the worst thing that substance abuse can do to a person.

Once you’re on your way to recovery, you might be able to see the damage you have done, but you can try to improve it by working on your behavior.

Financial Issues

Another challenge that you might struggle with is financial problems. Drugs and alcohol cost money, and you must have already spent a fortune on them. Consequently, you might encounter high-interest debts, legal and medical bills, loss of income, etc. This can put financial pressure on you, leading you toward a relapse.

The first step is to realize the problem and then try to resolve it. If you can overcome the worst part of the problem, then it’s only a matter of time and opportunity to work on the other stuff. You can always build your finances again with changed behavior and focus on your responsibilities.


Boredom is another challenge that people face during recovery. Since they are used to using substances, the first few days of them quitting drugs or alcohol can be filled with boredom. This free time may result in them thinking about using drugs, increasing the chances of relapse.

If you’re bored, the best thing to do is take up a new hobby and focus on it. You can also try finding a job to keep yourself as busy as possible. This will save you from getting addicted to drugs and alcohol again.

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