5 Top Benefits of Outdoor Digital Advertising

Digital signage is an excellent outdoor advertising channel for any type of business. This explains why many businesses have adopted it and its popularity has multiplied over the years.

As a matter of fact, digital displays attract 400% more views than their traditional static counterparts. Notably, they have a high recall rate of 83%.

So if you haven’t yet ordered or developed one for your business, then you are missing out and you need to catch up.

Dive in and learn about the 5 top benefits of outdoor digital advertising you should know.

1. High Visibility

You can easily pass on information to your target audience through digital signage than on traditional posters. This is because it attracts a lot of attention as the screen always stands out from others.

Most digital screens have high-quality graphics and visuals that are attractive to the eyes. Also, they easily grab everyone’s concentration. It is rare to pass by digital signage without looking at the information displayed on it. This explains why they are highly effective in public places.

In fact, digital posters are popular in many cities worldwide. For example, there are many of them in the biggest cities in the Philippines including Manila, Quezon, Davao, Caloocan, and Cebu. On top of that, many businesses in the country have also embraced online digital adverts. Leading clothing, electronics, beverages, and iGaming businesses use digital advertising. The good news is that some of them, like the best betting sites in the Philippines, are listed for you on reputable web resources. It recommends fully licensed betting operators with great odds on a wide variety of sports and many multi-currency banking options for Filipinos and other interested bettors.

2. It’s Cheaper

Digital signage is a cost-effective outdoor marketing channel as you spend less on both its installation and maintenance. You don’t need to incur printing costs or buy poster materials normally needed for static displays.

Your task is to buy the best screen display from the variety on the market. Then, create engaging and appealing videos or animations with any information you need to pass on to your customers. You also have to position it in the right place where your target audience can easily see it.

On top of that, digital signage consumes less electricity than the traditional options which saves on your company’s energy bills.

3. It’s Memorable

Digital information is said to be more memorable than written data. It proves why posters are less effective than digital signage. Your target customers easily remember the information you communicated to them and keep your business on their minds.

So if a time comes when they need products like the ones you advertised. It is your business that customers think about first which boosts your sales. Digital posters make your company memorable to clients all the time.

Moreover, you can also use this opportunity to persuade customers to take action and buy. You can create some persuasive content like special buys and flash sales and display it on digital screens. It easily attracts your target audience to make instant purchases.

4. Flexibility

Outdoor digital advertising is highly flexible because you can change the information on the screen display at any time. Unlike traditional billboards where you have to create a new one for every marketing campaign, with digital signage you use the same screen.

You only have to create new content to display on it and remove the old one with only a few computer strokes. Best of all, you don’t need to hire a new team for the job. This is because your IT and marketing departments can come up with great content.

5. Durability

Traditional posters need bulb replacement and other elements with time. Most of them are affected by bad weather and printed billboards also fade later on. However, a digital advert lasts for quite some time without any need for replacement. As long as you buy the best quality screen display, check out the top tips to pick the right outdoor digital signage.

For example, some led signs are specifically designed for the outdoor environment. They are built with strong modules that can last over 100,000 hours. Not only that, but the housing parts of digital posters are made from impermeable long-lasting materials that can stand any weather condition.