5 Tips to Best Take Care of Your Fabric Sleeper Sofa

A couch bed is a significant purchase, and like anything expensive one owns, keeping it in tip-top shape is essential to preserving the value and condition of the item. 

Unfortunately, many circumstances leave couch beds vulnerable to wear and tear, spills, and other blemishes, making it difficult to maintain your money’s worth. 

If your sofa bed is lined in fabric, it’s even more susceptible to these types of damages. 

So, how do you take care of fabric sleeper sofas? 

Here are five tips to help you preserve the standing of your sleeper sofa, no matter the messes you encounter. If you’re looking for a new sofa for your living room, you can click to order here.

1. Clean Fabric Sleeper Sofas Regularly 

Whether you use your fabric sleeper sofas to host guests or lounge on as a couch most of the time, the occasional spill or stain may inevitably occur if you are not strict about food and drink being around your sleeper sofa. 

Given that a sleeper sofa bed typically serves guests, you’re likely to be more relaxed about the food and drinks that go near it. For this reason, be prepared for some spills here and there. 

If you commit to cleaning your fabric sleeper sofas regularly, the spills and stains you encounter should not soak in or leave permanent marks on your fabric sleeper sofas. 

That being said, always clean up a mess immediately. If you wait too long before cleaning it up, whatever spilled may end up sinking into the fabric and staining it permanently. 

In fact, the longer you wait to clean, the more the stain can set into the fabric for good. 

If you encounter these issues, you can potentially remove the stains from your sleeper sofa couches by having them cleaned by a furniture cleaning company. 

2. Don’t Sit On The Arms

Although there is more flexibility with sleeper sofa beds to lounge without distorting the overall shape, you still want to avoid sitting on the arms.

The couch bed’s arms are not meant to hold much weight, so you risk damage every time you sit on one of the arms. Make sure you tell any kids who spend time on the couch not to sit on the arms. 

Even if your kids are little, the arms are not meant to hold much weight, so they need to stay off the arms too. 

3. Use High-quality Cleaning Materials

Finding the best cleaning materials to spot-clean your fabric sleeper sofas is important. The right products can be the difference between a permanent and a temporary stain. 

At the same time, you want to avoid cleaning products that contain intense chemicals, as these can potentially damage the fabric of the sleeper sofas. 

Go for something in the middle, and when in doubt, a little dish soap or baking soda diluted in water might do the trick!

4. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Fabric furniture is susceptible to sun bleaching when exposed to direct sunlight. 

You could end up with a lighter top half of your sleeper sofa than the rest of it if you place your sleeper sofa under a window that attracts direct sunlight. 

If you have no other option, cover the sleeper sofa parts exposed to the sunlight with a heavy blanket during the day to avoid damaging the fabric or causing discoloration. 

You can easily find stylish throw blankets or patterned quilts to make the covering look intentional. 

To prevent discoloration on your throw blanket, go with blankets that are dark in color. Neutrals like brown and black wool may be your best options. 

5. Sit On Different Cushions 

If you sit on the same spot of your fabric sleeper sofas (or any soft furniture) every time, as time goes on, you may see dents in the cushions and eventual distortion of the overall sofa shape. 

To avoid these issues, try to alternate where you sit when the sleeper sofa is upright. This way, you can prevent the sinking of cushions and will maintain its comfort as a mattress. 

Take Care Of Fabric 

Enjoy your fabric sleeper sofas but take care of them too! Fabric-based furniture is sensitive to damage. Once you accept this, you can take active measures to prevent these instances by following the five tips above.

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