5 Tips on How to Write a Philosophy Essay

Philosophy writing is somewhat more difficult when compared with other types of writings. It needs strong argument and evidence-based data rather than general information. To comprehend the complete guide to philosophy essay writing, and get top grade in the class, below are 5 useful tips for the students.

  1. Constructing a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the heart of the entire philosophical essay. It is of core importance when you begin to learn on how to start a philosophy paper. You have to make your reader clear about what you are going to say in the rest of the essay. Here, you need to remark what you are going to argue about or against. It is important to know that you have to work hard to build a clear, comprehensive thesis for your philosophy paper; a blunt argument in the introductory paragraph can spoil the whole impression of your content. Sometimes, even expert have to struggle with producing a strong philosophy essay thesis. Therefore, below are given a few ideas to help you on easy construction of philosophy essay introduction and thesis:

  • Keep your introduction brief and clear; it should contain around 5 introductory sentences including the thesis statement.
  • The thesis statement is the last sentence in the introductory paragraph.
  • You should begin your thesis statement with phrases like, “I will argue that…” or “the aim of my essay is…” etc.
  • Keep in mind that what you mention in your introduction, particularly, in thesis, will run through the entire text of the paper.

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  1. Arguing for Your Position

Argument is the blood of your philosophy paper. When you are learning on how to write a philosophy paper, it is the second crucial point after thesis. Throughout the essay, you have to support your argument with authentic evidence and convincing, relatable examples. When particularly talking about philosophy assignments, you can support the claim from real-life examples, which make the point more credible by creating an impression that you have good understanding of your topic for philosophy paper. Besides real-life examples, you can dig out data-based evidences. Just keep iin mind that you have to provide evidence and examples not information or descriptions in this type of essay writing. For a closer understanding, below are given a few tips to specialize you in arguing for your position.

  • Give some fundamental background data of your topic in the introductory lines.
  • Mention possible refutes to your position.
  • Give suitable and reliable support to the counter-argument.
  • Elaborate that your position has more strength than the objections to your argument.
  • In the conclusion, sum up the position and connect back to your thesis statement.

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  1. Criticizing an Argument

A critique is a deliberate, systematic and evaluation and analysis and personal response to some other writer’s position. For this, you need to prepare yourself after thorough understanding of the argument by pointing out the weaknesses of the position. For this you need to have an idea of the components of an argument, which are;

  1. Assumptions (the defenseless philosophies provided to make the argument sensible)
  2. Premises (defended beliefs to validly support the argument)
  3. Conclusions (the authenticity certificates of a claim in an essay)

To criticize an argument, you need to significantly evaluate the three points separately to mark what is unbelievable. For this;

  • You can target premises and prove by sources that it has unauthentic evidence.
  • Also, you can settle the assumption false by supporting your point with valid data or examples.
  • Besides, you can make the reader focus on conclusions with unconvincing approach to the position.

Apart from knowing the basic procedure to refute an argument, below are given a few general tips to write criticism:

  • Be fair while summing up the position you refute.
  • Handle all details of the arguments.
  • Avoid personal touch while providing support to prove the argument as false.

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  1. Writing Clearly and Precisely

Whether you are writing a philosophy in life essay, or any other type of assignment, being precise is the key to success. Always stay to-the-point, and do not beat around the bush. Provide clear understanding of your topic, build a defined and clear-cut thesis and remain specific throughout the paper. For more tips, read below:

  • Be relevant throughout the paper. Don’t distract from topic by giving any piece of unnecessary information. Check out all the sentences to ensure you stayed on the topic.
  • Try to use valuable phrases only.
  • Be accurate in your approach to grammar; you can also use online spelling and grammar checker.
  • Do not make nominalization a repeated part of your paper.
  • Do not insert wordy verbs in the essay.
  • Discard redundant phrases while revising your essay.
  1. Quoting (write my philosophy paper)

While learning how to write a philosophy essay, you need to give attention to learning quoting in the text. For this type of writing, it is not necessary to use block quotes and cite long sentences from the author’s writing. Instead, you can use short quotes with single inverted commas to explain the views. For example; while talking about the belief in shadows in “Allegory of the Cave” by Plato, you need not quote like “To them, I said, the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images”. Instead, you can state that the truth of the people of the cave was, ‘literally nothing’; all they strongly believed were ‘the shadows’ of things outside the cave.

Similarly, you should avoid unnecessary long quotations to be inserted in the paper. If still you think you cannot produce a quality philosophy essay, you can book your order online “write my philosophy paper”, and they will provide you the result ensuring you’re A+ in the examination.

All in all, philosophy paper writing demands effort, concentration, strong position, evidence, research, personal reviews and good command over language. It is possible to create a well-written paper by following the guidelines above. In any urgency or failure of creativity, it is better to trust online writers than your stamina.