5 Tips for managing your team in a Coworking Space

The coworking space is a rapidly evolving concept. Coworking centers are not only about coworking desk and workspace sharing anymore. They are also transforming into places of innovation, networking, and new business opportunities.

If you are working out of a coworking space in Mumbai, it is always better to alter your management strategy to the current context. Here are a few tips to improve workspace efficiency, help you define your brand, strengthen members’ community, and improve your business while working in a coworking center. In a fully functional office space for rent, it is always important to keep the team motivated and inspired.

Here are 5 tips for managing your team in a coworking space:

Fun activities to build the team

A shared office means having a set of people with different skill sets working together. Conducting fun activities to build the team, understand each other’s strengths, and these activities will also help team members to know each other well. 

Plug and play offices are a hub of new ideas

A coworking space is also a community space where people come under one roof and share their knowledge and ideas. Having an office on rent at a coworking space is a good way to find innovative solutions and introduce new ideas to the workspace for your team members. Doing this definitely encourages people to take a lead with their innovative idea giving a sense of ownership that can have a positive drive on other team members.

Respect each other’s space and time

Coworking space is open for collaboration of different work cultures and ethics to become a single entity. This way working in a managed office will have frequent interruptions and disruptions to the normal flow of daily work. To overcome this occupational disturbance, you need to set certain rules and provisions that must be arranged for your team members ensuring that work gets done without any interpretations.

Privacy and Transparency

As a part of the team, it is also important to understand and respect an individual’s privacy. This means the team member should not discuss things discussed in the team and will remain private and confidential.

Transparency in the team is also important, within the team it should be crystal clear about the work timeline set for everyone, meet the important deadlines, and understand a process to be followed. Following certain important things about how the company works will lead to improved productivity within the team.

Cooperate with the staff

Coworking spaces generally offer a well-designed layout, having updated tools for communication, multi-purpose and dedicated cabins for meetings and conferences, and an accessible canteen for refreshments. To have the office space functional and operational you also have to look into the people who work hard for you every day. People working in an office space may require hands-on assistance in managing the coworking space. Pitch in whenever you can instead of being rude or always complaining.

To manage your enthusiastic workers, you need a dynamic workspace which is adept to the new technology. So choose the best coworking space and a management platform to manage and expand your community. iKeva provides a professional and warm, secure, fully equipped work environment with a good ecosystem where the community is the biggest strength.