5 Tips for Maintaining a Sparkling Conversation with Any Man

Great conversation is part of the magic that makes a given connection with a new man seem so electric. But knowing you love the ease of an effortless, free-flowing conversation is easy. Understanding the formula behind it, so you know how to make it happen more often is a little more challenging. 

Thankfully, though, challenging is far from the same thing as impossible. Here are a few expert tips for starting and maintaining a genuinely magical conversation with just about any guy, from the most distinguished sugar daddy who frequent dating sites like Sugar Daddy for Me to the shyest office crush who doesn’t frequent much of anything. You’ll be chatting together like the wind in no time.

  1. Let your natural personality shine.

Whether she thinks so or not, the best tool all available sugar babies have in their corner when it comes to making great conversation is their unique personality. This is especially the case when you’re chatting a guy up in person. Give him a taste of who you are, sparkling sense of humor, megawatt smile, and all. Relax, have fun, and be yourself.

If you’re texting or instant messaging, things get a little more challenging but not impossible. Look for ways to let your personality shine through regardless. Make him laugh, express yourself with GIFs, and anything else you can think of to help the conversation feel easy and natural.

  1. Ask him open-ended questions.

If your sugar daddy is on the shy or introverted side, there’s a good chance it will be up to you to get a good conversation flowing, at least at first. One reasonably reliable way to do this and get to know him a little better is to ask him open-ended questions that require him to come up with a real answer.

In other words, avoid questions that have simple yes or no answers, as it could bring the conversation to a halt if he refuses to elaborate. For example, instead of asking him if he had a good day, ask him specifically what he did. Instead of merely asking whether a project he mentioned went well, ask for details. You get the picture.

  1. Follow up with more questions.

Often, all a shyer guy really needs to ease into a conversation and start opening up is an easy in, and asking the right questions can definitely help with that. But once you’ve got him talking – preferably about himself or something really important to him, like his job and goals – you want to show interest in what he’s saying by asking thoughtful follow-up questions.

Listen carefully to what he’s saying for details you can zero in on and ask for more information about. And to keep things balanced, you can interject with more information about yourself, personal stories that are relevant to the topic of conversation, and so forth. A good pattern to follow is “question followed by a follow-up question wrapped up with a relatable personal detail.”

  1. Keep things brief when texting.

One extremely common mistake people make when texting or instant messaging is just plain overdoing things. And to be fair, everyone does it now and then, but it’s something to avoid when you’re texting with a new guy you like. And by overdoing it, we mean typing paragraph, after paragraph, after paragraph.

Even people who really like the person they’re talking to tend to be in a different mode when chatting or texting. Most don’t explicitly read every word of what they’re sent if things get long, so you run the risk of him missing things you said. And it’s doubtful that he’ll send an equally long text in return, which can be embarrassing. So keep things on the brief side.

  1. Follow the FORD rule when choosing conversation topics.

Naturally, not all conversation topics will be created equal when it comes to how appropriate they are. Most people these days know not to talk about politics or religion if they want to keep things friendly, but you also want to avoid hitting a nerve by accidentally touching on anything uncomfortable he might not want to talk about.

One great way to do that is to obey the FORD rule when picking topics – family, occupation, recreation, and dreams. These are all socially acceptable topics for making small talk with someone you don’t know well, but they’re also topics that are interesting and personal enough that most people won’t hesitate to talk about them.

Although it can definitely be nerve-wracking to chat up a really incredible sugardaddy, especially if he’s a man of few words himself, it just takes a little know-how to get it right. Just be yourself, relax, and enjoy the process of talking to him. It won’t be long before things flow a little more easily and he adores you for how well you put him at ease.