5 Tips for Decluttering Before Moving to a New Place

Not everything from your old house needs to be moved to the new one. Every house has stuff that is of no use to anyone and it only takes up space without serving any purpose.

That is why it is important that you declutter your house before packing and moving. Decluttering saves the time that you waste in packing that stuff and it also reduces the cost of moving due to less weight.

For you to declutter your house properly you need to identify such items first and that is what we will be looking at in the following section.

Here are some of the most important tips for decluttering your house before moving.

  • Use Three Boxes

For each room you start packing, make three boxes. In the first box keep things that are essential and in the second box put things that you want to donate and in the third one, things that you have no use for. Using this approach will allow you to make quick decisions about the stuff that you want to keep.

This will save so much of your time and energy and your moving stress will reduce significantly. Getting rid of useless items this way requires very little effort and its rewards are great.

  • Consider The Expiration Dates

This category may include things like edibles and beauty care products that you haven’t used for a long period of time. You need to see the expiration date of everything that you need to pack.

If something has expired, then throw it out instantly. If you do not pay attention to the expiration date, chances are you will use these bad products after moving to your new house.

Using expired makeup products can cause irritation in your skin that is why you need to throw these out immediately.

  • Consider The Time Period of Use

If there are some things in your house that you haven’t used for many months, there is a pretty good chance that you will not be needing them in the future either. So, before packing consider when was the last time you used a certain clothing or furniture item, or some other stuff.

If it was a long time ago, you can get rid of these without second thoughts. Just make sure that these things that you throw out are not particularly expensive.

There are some moving companies such as moving company in Draper UT that can help you get rid of useless stuff and declutter your house which can make things easier for you.

  • Visit Your Garage

This is a place where we keep the things that we more often than not do not know what to do about. The garage often has stuff that we do not consider important enough to keep inside the house.

Visit your garage to see things that you are certain you will not be needing in your new house. There might be some useless spare parts, broken kids’ toys, faulty appliances, and constructions material, etc.

So, take the time to clean your garage to save yourself a lot of moving troubles when the day comes.

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  • Use Your Old Stuff

This stuff includes toiletries and edibles that you have stocked in your house for emergencies or for general future use. Once you find out when you will be moving, start using these items. You can examine your pantry and kitchen and find plenty of edibles to eat from there.

The next thing is using extra toilet paper and soaps or shampoos that you have stored in your house. This way you can use this stuff and save your time on the packing and moving day.

Final Words

So, these are some of the most widely used recommended moving hacks and decluttering methods that people employ before moving to a new place. Decluttering your house this way can lead to a peaceful and more productive moving experience.

Knowing fully well which items you have no use for, allows you to decide about what to do with them quickly and saves both your time and energy.

Your new house needs only those things that are practical and increase its efficiency and that is why you have to declutter your old house accordingly. We hope this information has helped and we urge you to use these simple steps for a great decluttering and moving experience.