5 Things To Do When You’re Arrested In A Drug Case

One of the most severe offenses anyone can get arrested for is possession of an illegal substance. It carries heavy fines and jail time as its punishment. Drug charges are notoriously hard to shake off, even if you are innocent. A criminal defense lawyer can help you escape the charges in this regard. However, some things can be done on your part if you ever get arrested on drug charges.

1. Don’t Panic

Often observed during an arrest, the accused panics, abuses the police officers and shows resistance. It is not recommended; never do that if you want to avoid imprisonment and fight the charges. You might be acquitted of the drug charges, but the additional charges are sure to keep you in jail for a while. So be a little smart and don’t panic. Stop talking or answering any questions to law enforcement. Remember, anything you say can be held against you in court. 

2. Lawyer-Up

If you are accused of illegal possession of drugs, the smartest thing is to hire a defense lawyer. Relay all the details only to him as he’s an expert and knows how to pull you out of this mess. Only listen to your attorney; he will prepare your defense after proper investigation. Follow his advice on all matters and never hide any details from him that might help you win the case. 

3. Request a Bail

You are within your rights to ask for bail. There is no compulsion for you to stay in jail for the entirety of the court proceeding. Ask your attorney to help you in this matter. Only the presiding judge has the authority to grant you bail and set the bond. But if they consider you a flight risk or a dangerous person, then your bail appeal might get rejected. So if you are arrested, remain calm and co-operate; this might go in your favor when looking for bail. 

4. Ask for Help

In most cases, even the severe ones, a criminal can ask for a phone call. Use that to your advantage and call an attorney or a helpful resource to get you out of this situation. It’s good to memorize some contact numbers like of your attorney, bail bondsman, friend, or family member. This situation is quite precarious, and asking for help might get you through the initial phases of the investigation.  

5. No Violence

Unfortunately, people fail to grasp the enormity of the situation when they are accused of drug possession. The accused often gets violent with the arresting officers, which results in additional charges. Remember, you have to convince the world of your innocence, and acting violently towards law enforcement would not help your case. So, stay silent until someone you trust comes along.

Drug possession charges are challenging to beat, but an experienced attorney can help you fight them efficiently. Stay calm, know your rights, and most importantly, stay quiet when arrested for drug possession.