5 Things to Consider When Buying LED Tubes Lights

Nowadays in the era of expensiveness, everyone is tired and sick of paying huge amounts of bills. Among all the expenses, lighting is one of the major causes which hits the pocket much harder.
In order to save money and even your country’s resources, people are switching from traditional fluorescent to power-saving technology such as LEDs. LEDs are available in different forms according to your need like in 4 ft led tube light, desk lamp, or even in automobile headlights. You can visit Lepro LED to find out a wide range of LEDs to meet your needs.

What is LED? 

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode” which is a semiconductor that glows by passing a 

current through it.

Things to consider when buying LED tube lights.

  • Energy and cost-efficient

Energy and cost are both synchronized with each other because the higher the units of energy you consume the more you have to pay. So, while you are switching from traditional fluorescent to LED first you should select the best LED of specific watts and calculate whether the LED of specific watts you need will cut your energy consumption or not.

  • Luminous

What is luminous? Luminous is simply the brightness therefore higher the lumens higher the brightness.
A normal fluorescent bulb of 150 watts provides the same lumens as that of LED of 25-30 watts, which shows four to five-time energy reduction by providing the same lumens. Higher lumens are beneficial in a number of ways that they reduce the number of light fixtures.

  • Durability 

Spending money on something wants it to be long lasting, same as for LEDs if you are going to install them you don’t want to spend monthly maintenance costs. The average life of a LED tube light is 70,000 hours (if used 10 hours a day) which seems to be very durable. For the safe side, you should go for buying LED from a manufacturer which provides a warranty.

  • Temperature condition 

In comparison with traditional fluorescence luminaries, LEDs produce a very less amount of heat as they are fitted with the technology of heat sink in the bottom through which produced heat dissipated in the air.

If you want to fit the LED in a closed space where there is very little or no ventilation then you should go for a specific LED that can operate at a higher temperature.

  • Safety protocols of LED light

In every aspect of life, the most important thing which comes first before anything is safety.

While buying LEDs every time you should be cautious about its safety protocols, and you should ask the shopkeeper whether this LED luminary is safe for me or not?

The most authentic method to identify whether a specific luminary is safe or not is to check its certification. There are different authorities like SAA and TUV etc, which provide a certificate to consumers about safety protocols regarding luminary.

Final words

Everything in the market comes with pros and cons, what you have to do is to calculate them and find out whether a specific product will benefit you or not. Regarding LEDs up till now they seem to be very beneficial in every aspect.