5 Steps To Get More Efficient Church Lighting Design

Lighting goes a long way in setting the ambiance of a space. For places of public gathering like churches, it prepares the crowd for the pious ceremonies. The optimal lighting accentuates the correct elements in a room, therefore bringing the focus where necessary.

Besides ensuring that the lights serve all their purposes, one also has to make sure that it is cost-effective. Keeping all these factors in mind, we will delve into church lighting design and its techniques. The steps we discuss in this article will help us understand the strategic placement of light fixtures, to ensure proper lighting and aesthetics.

Focus On The Worship Team

One of the most crucial parts of a church service is the worship team. There has to be proper lighting to focus the attention on the members of this group. For this, we need to follow specific rules:

1.   Do not use more than one light for each member.

2.   The lights should be a bit off-centered to create more depth and shadows.

3.   You can add colored lights from behind to evoke different emotions.

Lighting Of The Speaker

It is crucial to properly light up the speaker who conducts the entire church service. The clergyman and his body must be completely visible to the public and must be in focus. To achieve this, use spotlights from the right and left sides of the hall and focus them on the church speaker. However, avoid using lights that are too bright.

Set Up Proper Ambient Lighting

The entirety of the hall will have chandeliers and hanging light fixtures for lighting up the space. A church will have a high ceiling and thus, naturally requires more lights to brighten the room. However, a church should not be too lit. At the same time, the light fixtures must blend in with the architecture of the ceiling and walls. Keep these factors in mind while looking for ambient lighting options.

Avoid Certain Colours

Colored lights in a church might look good but, you must always avoid specific colors. The mood in a church is usually calm and peaceful, and in some instances, even solemn. So avoid using highly saturated colors such as red and blue. These colors suit well in concerts. Also, one should avoid the combination of yellow and green lights as this gives a Green Goblin look.

Make The Lights Stationary

Church lighting does not need to move as this can distract the people. Moving lights will disrupt the mood of a worship ceremony and will therefore be ineffective. Hence, one must opt for stationary light fixtures. The steady, soft light will help people to focus. They are also more calming.


Whatever we discussed so far will hugely improve the design and ambiance of your church if you follow the steps mindfully. These are insights from experts in interior design who specialize in the lighting of places of worship. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and gained sufficient knowledge from this.