5 Steps After A Car Accident

Being in a car accident can be very stressful. You have to be smart in how you handle the situation and want to handle it as quickly as possible. Be sure to take all the proper steps to ensure that you are covered for the subsequent steps. If you are not careful about how the accident is handled, it can cost you time and money. Ensure that everyone is okay, call the authorities, exchange information, contact your insurance, and get a Loganville car accident lawyer to help you. Following these steps will help you through the process after a car accident. 

Check For Injuries 

After being in a car accident, the first thing you should do is make sure that everyone is okay. Those within your vehicle, and the other vehicles that are involved. The safety of all those that are involved is the most important thing after a car accident. Injuries in a car accident vary on the severity of the accident. You may walk away without a scratch, or you may have life-altering injuries that will take time to heal. 

Call the Authorities

If there are individuals or yourself that are injured, call 911 immediately. The fast you call, the faster they can be there to attend to the injuries. If there is no one seriously hurt, you will still want to call the police in order for an officer to come and write up an accident report. They will gather information from all parties and put an official report into the system to refer back to if needed. This is helpful when you contact your insurance or lawyer. 

Exchange Information

Collect information from the others that were involved in the accident. Information such as insurance carrier, a picture of their driver’s license, and contact information. This allows you to file a claim with their insurance if they are at fault and get in contact with them if needed. The last thing you want is they give you false insurance information but you do not have a way to get a hold of them. This could leave you responsible for the expenses. 

Contact Your Insurance

Once you are done with getting information and giving information, you will want to contact your insurance to start a claim. They will start the process of pulling the police report and gathering information from both parties to determine who was at fault. This will determine who is responsible for the costs of the damages caused by the accident. One party may be ruled as solely responsible or it may be a percentage such as one is sixty percent at fault and the other is forty percent. 

Contact Your Lawyer

After an accident, even if you have insurance that is going to cover the damages to your vehicles there may be more costs. Being injured in an accident could cause lifelong problems for you. If you are put out of work or have excess medical bills from your injury, you could be compensated for the time and money you have lost. Contacting a car accident lawyer can help you get back some of what you have lost.