Happy September Since I’ve been enjoying summer, I do like to plan ahead for my fall silk collection. Every year, I invest in one staple item and replace or update something that is past its prime. Right now, the inventory is huge, so I’m ordering a few things to make sure I get the silk bedding or Accessories I want before they sell out.

These are my personal fall bedding essentials for 2022. I think the old rules really don’t apply anymore in some cases. In the fall, I’m a big fan of white silk pillowcases and warm colored silk duvet covers. I really like this pairing with earthy colored throws and pillows. Also, I love bringing in those warm weather details into these early fall pieces. I really like the detailing on some of the silk pillowcases. I really like seeing this season’s pairings with the addition of fall details, such as fall staple silk pillowcases, or silk scarf accents.

Here are my picks for silk bedding must-haves that you can mix and match with your favorite silk sheets or silk comforter sets. Many of these will mix and match nicely.

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THXSILK Fall Silk pillowcase

Once September rolls around, I definitely like to have some fall-appropriate bedding in my bed. Especially, if I go to northern New England to catch the early color changes. Usually at the end of August, I also want to add some warmth in the evenings or while we’re boating or sailing. Here are my picks for 2022. This 30MM silk pillowcase sold out last year and I’m excited to see it come back this month. I hope the other colors come back as well. It will be a great addition for fall and I love the length of it.

THXSILK Fall Silk Sheets

I’ve been loving my silk sheets all spring and summer and it will be a treasured item for years to come. Silk is a great material and I updated it this fall with this maroon sheet. This color is so warm and I love it. For a girl who is looking for texture, I love silk bedding, it is very silky and textured and has a cosmetic effect on my skin, I love this richly colored silk sheet.

THXSILK Fall Silk duvet cover

Last year my cotton linen comforter cover made my skin dry, so I ordered this white silk duvet cover. I love their flowing minimalist style and if you need a darker color, they have that option too. Because it was on sale this silk comforter cover was a great price. Perfect for sleeping in.

THXSILK Fall Silk Sleepwear

Fall is definitely my favorite season to buy clothes, so you’ll probably see more fashion posts popping up soon. This season, I’m using this silk pajama set. It would look great on its own. I also like to add a few new silk pajamas for late September and October to make it easy for me to change. I love this silk pajama dress. It would work well with some fall accessories or mixed with raffia accessories on warmer days.

THXSILK Fall Silk Scarf

Fall always brings the occasional gust of wind, which necessitates buying a scarf to carry with you, and I like to splurge on something that always fits. This THXSILK cashmere plaid scarf and silk plaid scarf would be perfect for fall. For jewelry, I like to keep my earrings fairly simple in the fall. Usually it’s diamond or pearl studs, but I just added these hoop pearl earrings to my jewelry box and they are perfect for a subtle extra touch. Also this short silk scarf is so cute and can be added to a fall jacket, purse or hat.

These are my picks for fall silk bedding must-haves for 2022. I will share how I styled these this October and for fall.