5 Signs of Teen Drug Addiction to Look Out For

Is your teen facing a drug problem?

Teens with drug addiction are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms if they go for a long time without taking drugs. These symptoms may motivate them to continue taking drugs, so they don’t experience pain. Other signs of addiction will go undetected unless you know the symptoms.

How do you know if your teen is addicted to drugs? What are the signs of teen drug addiction? And how do you help them get rid of it?

Continue reading to find out more about teen drug addiction and how to recognize the signs.

1. Unusual Changes in Appearance

Unusual changes in appearance can be some of the earliest and most obvious signs of teen drug rehab found here. Withdrawal from traditional activities, such as sports and clubs, with a noticeable decrease in overall hygiene, is a classic one.

Other telltale signs are sudden, unexplainable weight gain or loss, red and glazed eyes, frequent infections or sores due to lowered immunity, or increased sensitivity to light. An increase in perfume or cologne may indicate an attempt to mask the odor of drugs or alcohol. 

2. Acting Out of Character

If you notice your teenager acting abnormally and out of character, it may indicate that they are using drugs. Teen signs of addiction often come with behavior, physical appearance, and attitude changes.

Parents should be looking for signs like sudden shifts in emotions, a drastic lack of motivation, irritability, and an unwillingness to socialize with their peers. 

3. Withdrawing From Family & Friends

If your teen loves to be around others and suddenly wants to be alone, this could signify withdrawal from family and friends. Losing interest in things they once enjoyed, such as sports and activities, can also signify they are withdrawing from their friends.

They might begin to misuse alcohol or drugs and become secretive, lying about time spent away from home or who they are meeting up with. 

4. Receiving Unexplained Items

Unexplained items for a teen may include small pills, drug paraphernalia, such as pipes and lighters, or documents related to drug applications. Additionally, a teen may receive packages or envelopes at unexpected times, especially in the middle of the night or in locations other than their home.

Teens with addiction problems often check themselves into a treatment program or facility to receive their needed help. Recognizing a teen’s drug use in the early stages and getting them the help they need can potentially save their lives.

5. Noticing New Habits or Excessive Sleeping

Signs of addiction in teenagers to look out for when noticing new habits or excessive sleeping include changes in sleep patterns, sudden changes in interests, and appearance. 

Appearance-wise, teens may suddenly wear different clothes than usual, hide their bodies, or wear long sleeves in warm weather. Be aware of overly dilated or constricted pupils, any changes to skin complexion, or lack of hygiene. 

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In conclusion, if you suspect a teen in your life is using drugs, it is important to watch for any signs of addiction. Pay attention to any changes in behavior, physical condition, and mood is important.

If you are concerned, reach out for help. Don’t hesitate to contact addiction specialists and mental health professionals. We’re here to help.