5 Saddest Anime Ever That Will Make You Cry

  1. Your Lie In April

Focusing on the life of famous pianist and musician Kosei Arima, the narrative takes an intriguing turn when the viewer meets the free-spirited Kaori Miyazono.

Throughout the movie, the two get along well, and the romantic plot eventually comes to a lovely conclusion. However, when the audience learns about disease and the conflict it causes each of the individuals, the narrative quickly gets more intense.

  1. Violet Evergarden

The well-known anime Violet Evergarden really drives home the point that there is no greater tragedy than war. The series’ namesake character, ex-soldier Violet Evergarden, is central to the plot as she attempts to rebuild her life following a previous conflict.

  1. Wolf Children

After meeting a werewolf in college, the main character Hana has two half-wolf children. Then a tragic accident suddenly happens, Hana has a tough time adjusting to her new life. The movie focuses on the life of this unique family and the relationship between mother and child which can be listed as one of the saddest anime ever.

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  1. A Silent Voice

Everyone should see A Silent Voice at least once, and everybody who has ever been bullied or bullied someone else should be required to watch it. It is an incredibly moving narrative of human connection, forgiveness, and guilt.

  1. Grave Of The Fireflies

The touching story of brotherhood and the horrors of selfish fears is set against World War II as two young siblings struggle to live together against seemingly huge challenges. Grave of the Fireflies deserves to be seen, and what it highlights can never be forgotten, but it’s a haunting experience.

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