5 Reasons you Should Never Attempt DIY Electrical Works

For a long time, the DIY culture has been thriving and trending. Nowadays, every problem has a solution available online. For any home repair job, people go online and learn that basic skill so that they can do the home repair work themselves without paying any professional help. Also, contact Brighton electricians which provide you with the best electrical solution for your home.

But when it comes to electrical work, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Any project which involves electricity should be handled with extreme caution.

In Australia, around 20 deaths are caused by electrocution every year, with more than half of them being caused at home. People should hire electrical contractors for electrical-related work. There are many famous electrical contractors in Sydney that provide qualified electricians and mainly ensure the safety of their customers.

5 Reasons you Should Never Attempt DIY Electrical Works


One of the reasons that you should never attempt DIY electrical works is that it can cause electrocution. Any individual dealing with electricity is at risk of electrocution. Around 4000-5000 people around the world die of electrocution every year. Any mistake during the DIY electrical work, any mistake can cause you or your loved ones accidental electrocution anytime.

The Fire Hazards

Doing electrical work yourself can cause fire hazards. The main cause of house fires around the world is faulty electrical repairs. Faulty wiring and exposed wires may result from your DIY electric fixes, leading to fire hazards or something dangerous. Doing electrical repairs by watching videos online or based on your assumptions can spell a disaster.

Future Repairs can be Expensive

If a person is not a trained or licensed electrician, there is a chance that he can make some mistakes while doing electrical work. These minor mistakes can give rise to other new electrical problems, which can be expensive in the future. A DIY project entails trial and error in electrical work, which can be dangerous. Any electrical mistakes can cause whole building electric failure.

Inspection Concerns

For safe usage of all the electrical items and components, a trained or licensed electrician should go through a complete inspection. By doing so, you can save yourself and your loved ones from any mishap or danger.

If you do not inspect your electrical items, they can cost you an expensive future repair. At the time of selling a house or electrical items, it can create inspection concerns or problems.

Hidden Dangers

Attempting DIY electrical works can bring hidden dangers. Most electric components are hidden within walls, and there are high chances that you have no idea what they are. They can be very dangerous. If you mess with the wires that lead to the junction boxes, you’re likely to suffer an electric shock. Another place where an electric shock could occur is the attic. To minimize mishaps, electricians purposefully conceal these wires. During DIY, your whole house wiring is also at risk of being damaged. 


These are some reasons that you should never try to attempt electrical work yourself. Because life is more precious than money, DIY electrical works always include potential risks. So always try to hire electrical contractors to do the electric-related work.