5 Reasons Why You Still Need Pest Control in Winter

You’ve probably noticed that pests seem to disappear during winter. For this reason, many people believe that they don’t need pest control during Winter. Unfortunately the exact opposite is true.

Infestations of pests like rodents or insects can be an irritating or downright stressful. However, a more pressing concern during winter is the potential of these and other pests to cause problems with your health. Mice, flies, rats and cockroaches carry and transmit all kinds of diseases. Pests are capable of spreading illnesses, triggering asthma in adults and children, and creating allergic reactions. A professional London pest control service can go a long way in avoiding many kinds of health issues.

It’s vitally important that you continue with pest control during winter, and here are some of the reasons why.

Why do you need pest control in the coldermonths?

1. Pests don’t actually go away or hibernate

While there may be less pests during winter, this isn’t because pests are hibernating. What usually happens is that pests become less active during winter. They move around less and retreat deeper into their hiding places. What this means is that pests are still an issue and still need dealing with. In fact, pests may become an even bigger issue for homeowners and business, and this is because…

2. Pests usually move indoors during this time

The reason why most pests become less active during winter is because they have trouble dealing with the cold. Insects are small and fragile and cannot handle sub-zero temperatures as well as ice, snow, and frost. Elements such as these quickly kill them. Even larger pests, such as rats and mice, are susceptible to bad weather. In order to escape this weather, these pests often move indoors. They make a beeline for your London property and find somewhere to ride out the cold weather. If you’re a property owner this may become a serious issue. The reason why is simple…

3. Pests breed rapidly and lay eggs

As we’ve said, most pests do not hibernate. And it doesn’t take a London university pest control degree to work out that what they do instead is breed. During winter the majority of insects will lay their eggs in preparation for the warmer months. Rodents also have increased numbers of offspring. This is especially true if they are sheltering inside of your home or business. The warmth found inside properties around London provides them with a perfect place to breed. This is why it’s especially important that you carry on your pest control efforts during winter. If you do not do this you may have an infestation once it starts to get warmer.

4. Pests are easily found during winter

In some cases, tracking down pests is extremely difficult. During winter this becomes easier. The reason why is because pests move around less when it’s colder. They become sluggish and slow and this makes them easier to find. They also tend to congregate in one specific place – usually where it’s the warmest. This also makes pests easier to find, and this is why pest control in London during winter is such a good idea.

5. You should prepare for spring

Pests which have sheltered in your home during winter will become a major problem once spring rolls round.Any pest control news feed will tell you the basics. Eggs which have been laid will quickly hatch and turn into mature pests overnight. The same goes for any rodents which have given birth during winter. What this means is that your property may be swarming with pests in no time at all. This is something that you’ll want to avoid. It’s also why you should definitely carry out pest control during winter.