Welded wire mesh fences are made by welded wire mesh manufacturers. It is made of galvanized stainless steel or ordinary steel wire. Fences made of barbed wire have a variety of applications ranging from residential to industrial. Over time, welded wire utility fencing has gradually but steadily replaced chain fencing as the preferred method of construction because it is perceived to be more durable by users.

Security Fence

One of the most prevalent applications for welded wire fences is for security purposes. The wire mesh fence is frequently used for security fencing. It can be used in a variety of settings including commercial, residential, and industrial. This type of fencing is utilized for residential purposes to both secure the region and provide an attractive appearance for a home’s outer fence. The wire mesh type that is used for protective fences has a variety of hole sizes ranging from 5 to 6mm in diameter. There are several types of mesh fences that have very small apertures, which prevent the fingers or toes from becoming caught in the wires or mesh.

Animal Containment

Another common application for wire mesh fencing is to keep animals contained. Because the aforementioned fence type offers a variety of hole sizes, you can choose whether to use small or large holes to accommodate the animals you wish to contain within the fence. Wire mesh fencing is commonly used for rabbit fences, horse fencing, and chicken coops, among other applications. Because wire mesh fencing does not have any sharp corners, it is regarded to be a safe sanctuary for both humans and wildlife.

Window Fence

Garden fencing made of welded wire is the best option. Wire mesh fences, which are similar to security fences, are a long-lasting option for window screening. Wire chain link fencing manufacturers create fences that can be used in place of windows on buildings that require additional safety measures to be in place. A welded wire mesh fence is commonly used to secure storage facilities, window warehouses, and storage rooms, among other things. Trespassers are prevented from entering the cordoned-off area through the windows by these fences.

Road and Rail Fence

Welded wire fencing is a type of industrial fence that is extensively utilized. Road and rail fences are two of the most common industrial applications. A welded wire fence protects railroad tracks and highway shoulders from accidents. The construction of this structure is intended to deter people and animals from crossing roadways and railroad tracks.

Fencing for the Garden

Because it is available in a variety of colors, garden fencing is the most effective way to give your grass an exquisite appearance. Climbing plants can be used to decorate a garden fence instead of a fence.


Another advantage of a welded wire fence is that it is more versatile. It is dependent on the requirements of the customer from the mesh supplier.