5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Wristwatch In 2022

It is not uncommon to hear people say, “ I don’t need a wristwatch. I can check the time on my smartphone.” However, a wristwatch has much more use than just checking time. Most successful people such as business moguls, sportsmen, and women still wear them to work and social gatherings. If you wonder if it is a good idea to acquire one in this day and age, we rounded up some of the reasons you should go ahead and get one or more!

1. They Help Avoid distractions.

Compared to your smartphone that sends so many notifications such as Facebook messages, Twitter alerts, app notifications, and other messages, all you see is the time when you look at your wristwatch. Some wristwatches must show the date and a few other relevant details but never too much to distract you from whatever you were doing. As a result, people who use wristwatches to check time instead of their smartphones have been more productive at work.

2. They Can Be Used as Fashion Statements

A good timepiece can be used as a fashion accessory. Different watches can be used to match the outfit of the day. Interestingly, one does not necessarily have to change the entire watch to make a bold fashion statement. Instead, owners of high-end watches such as the https://www.keehinghung.com/rolex-collection/rolex-cellini/ can change the watch strap to match their mood or outfit of the day. Having many variations to pick from makes your wristwatch more of a fashion statement than just a boring piece of steel or wood held together by leather for checking the time.

3. They Are Perfect For Use as Family Heirlooms

For most parents, the greatest feeling is to pass on inheritance or family heirlooms to their children. Beautiful, durable timepieces are a perfect idea for this age-old tradition. Most collectors of wristwatches do so knowing that they are likely to be outlived by these masterpieces, but they still find hope that they can always pass them on to their loved ones.

4. They are a form of Investment.

For high-end watch brands such as the Rolex and Tag Heuer, once you acquire them, especially when you buy new, they immediately begin to appreciate. Vintage watches have attracted higher prices than they were bought for. As a result, even if you are not a wristwatch lover yourself, you can always buy and hold on to them to sell them for profits later.

A good watch is also seen as a symbol of success. The most wealthy people on Earth own at least one high-end wristwatch. If you want to give the impression that you’re rich for whatever reason, investing in a good watch such as Is not a bad idea. If you opt for the Rolex Cellini, just remember that there are so many iterations, such as the Cellini Moonphase, the Cellini time, and the Cellini date to pick from.

5. They are discrete

When you are in an important meeting, pulling out your phone to check the time might make you appear to be rude. However, you can always glance at it without attracting attention when you have a wristwatch on. The simple act of checking the time on your wristwatch instead of pulling out your phone helps you better manage your time without offending the people around you.