5 Reasons to Wear Best Active Mineral Sunscreen in Winter

When the first thing you do before choosing whether or not to wear the best active mineral sunscreen is check the weather, you’re approaching the issue all wrong. That’s because the prevailing weather conditions have much less to do with UV skin damage than you think.

To offer some clarity on this particular hot topic, we’re going to give you 5 reasons why you should be wearing sunscreen all year round, especially if you spend more time outdoors.

We all associate sunburn with hot weather, but the insidious nature of UV rays means that you’re never quite as safe as you think you are when not wearing sunscreen. 

Reason #1 – The Clouds Don’t Protect You

If you take the fact that it’s overcast outside as a reason not to wear the best active mineral sunscreen, it might be because you think that the clouds provide a barrier. That’s not the case, as 80% of the sun’s rays can still make it through. 

UVB rays are present in direct sunlight, which themselves are curtailed with the sun going behind the clouds. However, UVA rays are different and are able to penetrate not just the clouds, but also glass and deep into the surface of the skin. If it’s daytime, UVA rays are about. 

Reason #2 – Sun Damage Can Occur Indoors

Another reason why sunscreen should be worn all year round is that you can even get sunburn indoors. The aforementioned UVA rays can get through the glass in the office and the car windows on your drive into work. 

Reason #3 – Mineral Sunscreen Has Anti-Aging Qualities 

One of the great things about mineral sunscreen is that it also has anti-aging properties, meaning that it will keep your skin looking young while protecting it against the sun.

In addition to stopping UV rays that are known to damage elastin and collagen, it helps to lock in moisture, meaning that your skin is nice and protected in more than just one way. 

Reason #4 – Winter Weather Can Erode Sunscreen Even Faster

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the strong winds and snow that come during the winter can cause havoc with the skin. That means it’s even more important to wear it – not less.

The winter sun can be strong enough to do just as much skin damage, so the same reapplication every 2 hours or so also applies. 

Reason #5 – You Can Still Get Skin Cancer Winter

Just like smoking, sun exposure can cause cancer at any time of year when you don’t wear the best active mineral sunscreen. The threat doesn’t disappear during the colder months, so you still need the same protection against the sun. 

Of course, the sun isn’t something you immediately think about during the winter, which leads people to ignore the problem. However, it’s something that can ultimately cost you your life.

Use the Best Active Mineral Sunscreen No Matter the Season

So, don’t neglect your skin during the winter. You still need to moisturize when it’s cold outside, so it stands to reason that you also need to wear sunscreen.

Your takeaway from reading this short article is that you should be mindful of sun damage during every season – even during those when it’s not front of mind. 

That’s about as simple as we can put it.