5 Proven Ways to Increase the Resale Value of Your Smoky Mountain Cabins for Sale

Buying a smoky mountain cabin is an investment, whether you’re purchasing it as a long-term rental property or reselling it eventually in a couple of years. As such, your goal is to recoup more than the property’s initial purchase price, especially if you have plans to resell.

Of course, while you’d generally expect real estate value to appreciate over time, much of the factors that contribute to your home’s cost aren’t in your control, such as location, market economics, and consumer demand.

Thus, there’s a possibility that any of these elements can work against you when you decide to sell your smoky mountain cabin. However, there’s a valuation metric you can adopt to increase your home’s resale value, and that’s the property’s aesthetic.

While there are other contributing factors, buyers’ asking price is often influenced by the physical condition of your home. As such, you’ll likely get someone to pay more for your smoky mountain cabins for sale if the property is everything the investor desires aesthetically.

That said, this article will look at some sure-fire ways you can increase the resale value of your log cabins for sale in smoky mountains. Let’s dive in:

1.  Work on Your Exterior Finishing

You’d be surprised by the wonders a fresh coat of paint can do for your smoky mountain cabin. If you’ve had the rental for a couple of years, the finishing has probably worn off, and the property isn’t looking its best. This factor can be a turn-off for many buyers.

Vacation homes in poor condition mean extra costs for renovations, and no one wants to shoulder that burden. Even if someone still decides to purchase your luxury log cabins for sale in the smoky mountain, they’re likely to beat your asking price further down if the property’s exterior isn’t in the best shape.

However, with a fresh paint job, you can get the cabin looking new and more attractive again. And with the property carrying a fresh look, you’re more likely to convince buyers to pay what you’re asking.

2.  Deal With Leaky Roofs and Wall Cracks

Wooden structures are often subject to long-term architectural damage, and some of the problems you might experience after buying smoky mountain cabins for sale – STS are leaky roofs and cracked walls.

These defects often result from humidity, and if you fail to fix them, they may worsen over time. For example, a leaky roof will allow water into the structure during the rains, and wet wood is a breeding ground for fungi and molds.

As such, you should consider covering up any leaks or cracks in your log cabin as soon as you spot them. If sections of the property are already damp or infested with molds, you could clean and dry the wood or change it altogether.

However, if you’re planning to change the wood, you should use the same timber species throughout the renovation. This ensures moisture content is similar across the entire structure.

We should also mention that unventilated rooms are often more humid than ventilated spaces and, as such, more susceptible to moisture. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to ensure every room receives enough air to avoid repeatedly dealing with damp wood.

3.  Change Old Wood

Just like damp wood, old wood is susceptible to termites and other insects. These pests further damage the property by creating cracks in the structure, and these leaks could lead to moisture seeping in and eventually mold infestations.

Consider changing the wood if you notice any sections riddled with insects or damaged due to their activities. Also, while you’re changing old wood, look out for any damaged parts of the property and change the timber.

Reinforcing the beams is also an excellent idea at this point to improve the solidity and structural integrity of your smoky mountain cabins for sale.

4.  Upgrade the Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are often one of the first places visitors and homebuyers look at before deciding on a rental property or home to buy. As such, you should consider adding some upgraded features to both rooms to improve their appeal.

For your kitchen renovation, you could add one or two modern appliances or work on the cabinet and countertop finishes and hardware.

If you can afford it; consider changing the cabinets altogether. For your bathroom, you could upgrade from a half bath to a full bath, add a separate tub and shower, or improve the lighting.

5.  Add Some Extra Bits of Space

Spacious apartments are more appealing. Homebuyers often consider how big a home is before purchasing it. No one wants to live in a cramped-up house. Extra living space means more ventilation and lighting.

As such, it’s an excellent idea to add some bits of space to your smoky mountain cabins for sale. For instance, you could add a basement, an additional bedroom, or enlarge the living room.

Regardless of what you opt for, the idea is to improve the appeal of your home and increase its resale value.

6.  Work on the Foundation

The foundation of your smoky mountain cabins for sale is probably the most vital part of the structure, and most investors will often consider it before deciding to purchase your property.

That said, some of the most common problems that affect log cabin foundations are rotting and weakening. If you notice any of these issues; consider changing the wood of the affected area as soon as possible. You could also lift the entire log cabin and build a much more solid foundation.


Renovating your log cabin is one way to improve the property’s resale value. However, you need to know the right upgrades to implement in your cheap smoky mountain cabins for sale to get a good deal from buyers.

We’ve put together some renovation ideas in this article to help you out. Regardless, you should still consult an architectural expert before making any changes to the property to ensure you don’t make a wrong move.

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