postpartum doula resume
Mother with her baby on her knee. Her head is lowered as she sits on a sofa looking tired and stressed. The room looks untidy with clothes, nappies and other items scattered around the room.

Are you looking forward to becoming a postpartum doula? According to professional doulas around the world. This is a very fulfilling career, giving you the chance. To make a positive impact in the way families experience the growth towards parenthood. As a doula you will be able to adjust to the social and cultural environment in families. Which often tends to honour independence and undervalues. The fact that we live in an interconnected world, giving way to sinergy and successful teamwork. One of the greatest rewards of being a doula is that you can become a great support for families, especially when it comes to avoiding parent-blaming and any kind of fears surrounding parenthood. 

What makes a great doula resume?

As any professional, you want to be able to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself. From the rest, and this is good quality, actually all of us are unique and have different gifts to offer to the world. Some of the main factors that can boost your curriculum are: the place or institution center where you received your birth and postpartum doula training, your availability schedule. Whether or not you offer additional services, such as housekeeping, errands, and meals, and if you have related preparation in auxiliary fields such as first aids, nutrition or training, among others. In this article we will mention our 5 top tips when it comes to improving your CV as a postpartum doula.

1. Level your fees

While you want to get paid in a fair way, it is important to take some elements into account before setting a charge, let these questions guide you as you make your own decision: Do you live in a big city or rather in a small area? Are you new to this profession or do you have quite a lot of experience as a postpartum doula? What does your schedule look like? Do you work only daytime or are you also available during the night? Do you work with one baby only or are you willing to support mothers of twins? Do you incorporate older siblings into the new experience as well? There is more to add, but the point here is to define what you offer and what you charge for each service.

2. Always be open to research

Sciences are always developing and a postpartum doula can benefit themselves from adding new knowledge and abilities to their set of skills, not only is it valuable for the resume but it is also very useful in practice, as you will be more self confident when taking an approach.

3. Add new related skills

Related to the previous advice, this tip focuses on the benefit of taking additional high-quality courses or knowledge from books, which can be helpful to offer a broad variety of services, such as nutrition advice, choosing a workout routine, and much more.

4. Get experience

Few things provide so much calm to new parents as having someone who not only is prepared with knowledge, but who also has helped many other couples before.

5. Offer bundles

It is often the little details that make the difference, when you are willing to help with light housekeeping, buying the grocery or preparing simple meals, it can be a gamechanger to get more clients.