5 Problems of Not Using A Document Management Solution

They say, “old habits die hard” because it is difficult to change what you are used to especially when you know exactly what you are doing. And that routine you made for yourself will get things done. This is all too relatable in any situation in the office, and know that most office work can be done with technological advancements.

They also say, “Old dogs can’t be taught new tricks.” This will come as a reality in companies and offices that have lived way back when CPU and Wi-Fi were introduced. They get the job done but times are changing and so should we.

Do not get it wrong, we need old habits for our company to keep striving but imagine doing more with a push of a little button and a click here and there will do to make you more efficient. Most of the problems in an office can be managed properly. Here are some of the common problems encountered in a basic office setup.

  1. Documents and Paperworks that are Physically Transmitted to All Departments

There are paperwork processes that require hard copies to be physically given from one person to another. This may take time when one person has to transmit these documents from one department to the other.

It may be easier to convert the document from Word to PDF, then submit it electronically. The converted document can move instantaneously to all departments. The person needed to read the document can easily give attention to it without being stacked under more paperwork. Now, you have more time to do more tasks while tracing the document on your monitor.

  1. Key Document Holder is Unavailable at the Moment

In a company, the tasks are divided to every employee depending on their skill set. Some might handle the job easier than others. And for these tasks, there will be documents to be handled. Each employee handling their documents should know the responsibilities given to them.

Usually, for safety and privacy settings, only a few can keep a specific document with them to prevent any leaking of a personal file or company information that is not for the public. And in these cases, if that person is not available or has taken a leave one day, then the tasks will get delayed.

This can halt any pending and necessary document process at work. But with an electronic content management system, paperwork and documentation can be approved or updated by the key personnel anywhere.

  1. Updating of Documents and Having the Latest Version of the Document

You will notice that with time, documents and paperwork are updated and updated to new versions. It is hard to keep track of these updates and get a grasp of the latest version of the document. The keyholder of the document has released a follow-up page or the edits are on the way, and the copy you have is no longer needed.

Edit PDF is a tool used to open and modify documents. And with online sharing of these documents, the files can be distributed immediately after every modification to the document. You will have the latest and up-to-date files on your personal computer in no time. You won’t have to worry about missing out on important details.

  1. Manual Processing are Less Secured

Think of all those metal cabinets that contain all the past documents and paperwork that are done and ongoing in the company. And think of the space consumed by the cabinets that could be a coffee break area or another space for a department to make an office.

Manual processes are becoming outdated with every day that passes and sometimes has no assurance of security measures. Filing cabinets are soon becoming basement rooms and becoming top-secret archives with passwords and files only accessed by certain people in the company.

As a solution, these documents and file types can become searchable and accessible to particular people with the proper permissions to the company’s documents. Transfer these files by creating PDFs and converting them to Word and Excel when needed. Protect your PDF as well when you have to share your comments with other employees.

  1. Document and Paperwork to Edit and Reprinted

The company keeps the resources full and inventory to be strict in the budget because all documents are to be made in twenty or thirty copies. But when the boss agrees to make changes after being checked and approved by the superiors, you have to make the changes that happen instantaneously. And this would be possible only if you can take hold of the raw file to be edited.

Cut the wasted office time and keep your documents on a monitor. All necessary editing for the documents must be secured but ready for any editing that can be given at any time. And to cut on budgetary costs, these files can be safely sent to the twenty to thirty people who need to have a copy. Comments are also available to be displayed and easily answered then.


There is a reason that old habits have kept a company afloat. And there is a reason for changes to occur. Both sides can do the same output and data required. But differ in the process. Make sure you can do the best in your time, efficiency at its best can make a job easier. We hope this article helps you out in utilizing a document management solution.`