5 Popular Tarot Spreads for Beginners and Advanced readers

During the Covid-19 Pandemic when all of us were forced into lockdown for a couple of months many began to visit tarot websites to get free Latin tarot card readings. Latin tarot card reading is one of the most popular tarot readings because it helps guide people during the unprecedented times in their lives. Due to the pandemic, we have been living in unprecedented times. Making many feel like they have lost their way. These readings can help individuals find their paths and the answers they are seeking. The article will cover the 5 most popular tarot spreads for both beginners and advanced readers while also explaining how to read tarot. Moreover, if you are looking for free tarot reading be sure to check out this website. (httPs://oNlinetarotreadings.net)

Tarot Spreads for Beginners


The name says it all for this easy tarot spread readers just simply grab a card each day. Readers should ask themselves what energy they would like to focus on today, and throughout the day work towards achieving and manifesting that energy. An alternate method is to ask the Tarot what you want to experience today. At the end of the day, match your experiences you have had throughout the day to your chosen card. Draw any connections between your card and what you have experienced today. As you continue to draw each day take note of what you noticed about the card and what it means to you. Write everything you feel and reflect upon it later. Repeat this each day! The perfect spread for beginner tarot readers! 


This tarot reading is one of the most popular of the three card spreads. For this method you draw three cards. The first card is placed on the left; this is your past card. The second card you draw is your present card. It is placed in the middle. Finally, the last card you draw is your future card and it is placed on the right. The past card tells you about what has shaped you into the person you are today and how this might be affecting you in the present. The present card tells you where you are now and can possibly indicate where you will be in the future. The future card tells you what is ahead. Of course, the future card cannot predict the future; it is merely an indication of where your current energy is flowing as of now, but this can change by actions done in the present. When these cards are read together beginners can get an in-depth picture of what is going on in their life, and what they should do to move forward.

Yes or No Tarot Spreads

Another simple spread that is great for beginners. For these spreads readers must ask themselves a focused question where the answer to this question can be either yes, no, or maybe. This tarot spread does not require any prior knowledge of tarot card reading. Readers must only be responsible for knowing what each card represents, from the following three options of yes, no, or maybe.

Tarot Spreads for Advanced Readers

Five Tarot Spread – Cross Formation

This more difficult spread can be structured as a cross. This more advanced spread builds on the three-card spread mentioned earlier on in the article. In this spread the middle row consists of three cards showing the past, present, and future. One card is placed beneath these three to reveal the main reason for the circumstances that create the past, present, and future. Another card is drawn and placed above the past, present, and future cards to reveal the potential of the situation. While the card placed above may not show the actual outcome it shows the possibilities that can occur. 

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

This spread is for advanced readers. This spread can be used for general information but can also be utilized to answer specific questions. The first card represents a theme. The second card crosses the first card and represents a primary obstacle the reader must face to overcome their problem. The third card is placed beneath the cross to represent the issues from the past that are the foundation of the current issue. The fourth card placed to the left of the cross is a recent past event that is affecting the current issue. The fifth card situated above the cross reveals the future potential. The sixth card reveals something that will happen soon that is relevant to the present. Then the four other cards try to answer additional questions relevant to your current and future situation.