5 Pieces of Fashion Advice for 2022

Make 2022 the year you stand out with your fashion choices. Summer is in full swing, but with autumn not too far away, consider the idea of starting to shop for the fall as well. If you want a little bit of fashion help to update your closet, here are some number one tips for a fashionable 2022: 

Update your jackets

With autumn around the corner, you may want to consider updating your jackets. Petite jackets that fit you well are the way to go, with a couple of styles like denim jackets and large bomber jackets being some of the most popular choices in style these days.  

Whatever type of jacket is your preference, invest in the jackets that make you feel like a fashionista. If you’re going to be layering your outfits for the colder months while using jackets, make sure to get a size or two up for room for your layers, especially if you’re thinking of a hoodie with a jacket or blazer. 

Loafers are in

While men may have worn loafers for a while now, did you know that they’re in for women as well? Paired with casual wear or more formal, for-the-office wear, they’re a versatile shoe that is comfortable yet sharp, allowing you to look put together and chic for any occasion. 

There are loafers designed for lounging around with friends, and then there are more sleek styles that can be used for a formal occasion, so choose the shoes that are right for your lifestyle in 2022. Add to your savings account and get all of the loafers you want. 

Hoodies (top it off with a blazer)

When have hoodies not been in style? We love them for their comfort, but now they’re more than just that thing you wear when it starts to get cold. 

Hoodies paired with a larger blazer on top are a fashion statement now. Men may have been doing it for a while, but us women are able to pull off this look now too. You can also add some customized enamel pins to your hoodie or blazer for some extra personality. enamel pins can really help you show your unique fashion sense. Whether you’re going for a run or meeting up with friends, this is a great way to style a hoodie in 2022. Give it a shot! Just make sure you buy your own hoodies because men are saying they’re tired of us stealing their favorite ones. Or don’t. You do you, boo. 


A floral touch adds a bohemian flair to your wardrobe, and we love it. Bold colors with dark backgrounds are fast becoming a popular choice when it comes to flowers on dresses or blouses. 

The femininity floral offers while simultaneously embracing a darker vibe is both captivating and unexpected, making for a style that will make a lasting impression. Instead of thinking countryside chic, think bold and tropical or loud and Barbie. If you want solid advice for your floral dresses, reach out to a personal consultant for support. 

Colors that clash

We have all heard in our youth, “Go change your clothes, they don’t match.” Guess what, inner rebel, you’re allowed to wear colors that clash in 2022, which means you’re probably headed to your closet right now to wear anything you want! 

There are no rules per se, but there are some subtle nuances to wearing colors that clash. If you’re going bold with the color, avoid noisy, clashing styles. Keep it simple while breaking out of a box of fashion sense with colors that don’t match. When in doubt, download a fashion app that can help guide you in the clothes that will work best. 

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In Conclusion

If you want to stand out in 2022, make sure your fashion choices reflect this. From hoodies to jackets, floral, and loafers, there are some cool items trending right now, so get in with these trends while you can.