5 Pieces from Altier Jewelers that will sparkle your zesty look

Let’s assume you’re going to a formal event. You’ve already picked out a stylish suit or dress for the occasion. But you can’t wear it without rocking some accessories to round out the look. Nothing screams elegance like donning some jewelry that matches your suit’s cufflinks or complements your dress’ cut. As a result, people love wearing jewelry to complete a regal look. In addition, most high-end jewelry is made from diamonds or gold, meaning they’re excellent investments. 

Altier Jewelers was the first high-end jewelry store to open in Boca Raton, Florida. Founded by Joseph and Marjorie Altier in 1960, the store continues to operate and serve clients under the leadership of their offspring. Cutler Altier is the store’s third-generation owner, serving at the helm for over two decades. He runs the store’s day-to-day operations with his eldest son, Tristan, and his brother, William. 

Talking about how the watch and jewelry industry has evolved, Cutler Altier shared, “The jewelry and luxury watch industry has considerably changed since I took over the store. Of course, trends usually change every year and are influenced by celebrities.” 

He continued, “However, it’s also worth noting how the shift from traditional to digital marketing has affected brand marketing strategies. Nonetheless, I believe most brands in this space need a presence at brick-and-mortar retail stores like ours because customers want to experience products in person before purchasing them.”

The renowned jewel store has deep roots in the Boca Raton community. After all, it has served customers for over sixty years. Their exceptional customer service and storied history have yielded them multi-generational clients who rely on the Altiers because of their integrity and trust. The jewelry store also enjoys popularity because it’s the authorized dealer for multiple jewelry and watch lines, including Gucci, Roberto Coin, Cartier, and Patek Philippe. The store has had the Patek Philippe watch line for over 50 years and considers it one of its best-selling product ranges.

The store has some products more popular than others. Here’s a look at their best-selling items:

Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe is the world’s most coveted watch brand. The company’s exclusivity makes it particularly desirable since it only produces fewer than 60,000 pieces yearly. As a result, Patek Philippe is cherished and held in the highest regard by true watch collectors and aficionados. Moreover, this exclusivity also makes the brand’s watches incredibly expensive, with some designs retailing for over six figures. The Patek Philippe 4978/400G remains the most popular watch at Altier Jewelers.

Diamond Tennis Necklaces

Another best-selling product at the store is the thin and lightweight diamond tennis necklaces in the four to the six-carat range. These neckless are fun and sexy and can be worn for every occasion, making them extremely popular. 

14K Yellow Gold 24’ Cuban Link Chain 

Altier Jewelers’ 14K Yellow Gold 24’ Cuban Link Chain is also an extremely popular product with customers. It retails for $2070 and is a popular choice for the young clientele. 

Platinum Oval Diamond (1.98ct) 5 Stone band 

The store prides itself on selling the highest-quality jewelry. After all, they only want to provide the best to clients. As a result, most clients wandering into the Boca Raton store often have their eyes on the Platinum Oval Diamond (1.98ct) 5 Stone band. It retails for $15,000 and exemplifies class and elegance like no other.


Cutler also states that the 14K White Gold Diamond Solitaire Necklace (.25ct) is another best-selling product. “This necklace is only available for just over a thousand dollars. It’s a beautiful piece that goes well with nearly everything. Moreover, it’s an incredibly accessible product for people looking to purchase some affordable high-end jewelry,” Cutler Altier said on a concluding note.