5 party essentials you need for every house party

Throwing a party is an easy way to hang out with your friends and family. You can throw a party for dozens of reasons, such as when you want to celebrate a special occasion with them. Who says you have to pick a reason to party, though? It’s just as easy to invite your loved ones over because you got a great deal on meat at the grocery store or you want to take advantage of the nice weather outside. Planning and throwing a party is even easier when you have the five essentials needed for every type of house party.


Have you ever heard of a house party where the host expected everyone to bring their own drinks? Making your guests feel welcome is as easy as having a cooler filled with ice where they can easily find it. Depending on the number of guests, you may need more than one cooler. Think about your guests to decide on the type of drinks to buy. While beer and wine coolers are perfect for adults who like to party, others might prefer soda or juice.

Sound System

The ultimate party is one that will get people up and moving. Give your guests an excuse to get off the couch with a good sound system. It’s also helpful to have a playlist of tunes that encourage people to dance. You don’t need to spend a lot on a sound system, but it’s one of the essentials for a house party.

Disposable Dishware

No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning up and washing dishes after a party, which is why disposable dishware is so helpful. According to Smarty Had a Party, “add 20 to your anticipated guest list” when looking at how much dishware to buy. If you invite 20 people, buy 40 plates and cups. When you choose fancy disposable plates, you get plates that look like real dishes.


Your friend group might not like dancing, but you still need to give them at least one thing to do. Games are essential for hosts because they give guests a fun thing to do while others dance and chat. You might even find it helpful to build a game cabinet from games you find at yard sales and thrift stores.


Though you might think that you don’t need to feed your guests, you should always offer at least a few things. Even a simple tray with some fresh veggies and dip and another tray filled with cut fruit will keep their hunger pains at bay. If you plan on throwing a party around dinner time, you need to offer your guests more food because they skipped the meal to come to your home.

You can easily become the best party host or hostess when you have the right essentials on hand. These supplies will help your guests have a great time and make them want to come to your next party. Some of the party essentials you need include disposable dishware and a good sound system.