5 Of The Most Popular Wedding Trends We Expect To See In 2023

As we settle into 2023. We are starting to see the predicted trends come to fruition and take the wedding world by storm. Although some prefer not to be on trend, there is no denying there are some real gems from the latest trends we are seeing in 2023. If 2022 taught us anything it is that traditions from centuries ago still have beautiful effects on modern weddings, and these beautiful features are following us into the weddings of 2023.

If you are lucky enough to be in a couple that is planning to wed this year, there is a lot to plan in time for your big day. Let’s save you the exhausting time on what is in at the moment, and take a look at the most prominent wedding trends this year that you simply need to include in your big day:

Pearl Everything 

That is right ladies and gentlemen, pearls are back and better than ever in 2023. Your grandma was onto something wearing her best pearls because we will be seeing pearl features in full force in 2023. From pearl embellishments to pearl jewellery, the neutral yet glamorous pearls are exactly what all weddings will need this year, and your wedding will not be an expectation! Consider some pearl detailing being incorporated into your wedding outfit, or include it within the features on your bouquet for a stunning, ethereal look.

Outdoor Venues 

Since covid 19 there has been so much emphasis on keeping outdoors to reduce the risk of infection, but now wedding planners have created a beautiful trend by focusing weddings in outdoor venues. Not only are outdoor venues great for creating a fresh atmosphere with unlimited space, but they can also come as much more cost-effective. Of course, with outdoor weddings, the weather has to be on your side, but getting the perfect day will mean the perfect outdoor wedding.

Antique Features 

Antique wedding features are going to be extremely sought after in 2023 weddings, and you should also consider finding them. From dressing in a vintage wedding dress from the 1920s, to saying I do with an antique diamond ring, using antiques is a bespoke and meaningful feature that many newlyweds will be incorporating into their wedding. This is also a smart way to incorporate sustainability into your wedding which will also be a huge theme in 2023 weddings.

Artificial Flowers 

On the topic of sustainability, we will be seeing many more artificial flower arrangements in comparison to the large and wasted produce of naturally grown arrangements. Artificial flowers are an amazing feature to include in your wedding this year, because not only can you rent them for a lower cost, but they will reduce the negative environmental impact of waste being produced at your wedding. Artificial flowers can be reused for years to come, and withstand any events much like your marriage will!

Smaller Weddings 

Smaller and more intimate weddings are going to be much more popular as we step into 2023. Minimalist weddings are highly sought after for many reasons. Firstly, the lockdown has taught people that closer and more meaningful connections with few people make the best impact on your life, and many couples are prioritising the happiness of their union over catering for hundreds of guests. This way your guests will have a much better experience in your beautiful venue and will see the diamond ruby ring being placed on your finger much better.