When it comes to nurturing an infant’s development, finding appropriate toys can make all of the difference. From classic wooden blocks to engaging flashcards, there are endless possibilities for play and learning! Let’s explore seven must-have learning toys which will both engage your little one’s imagination while developing his or her cognitive and motor abilities.

5 Must-Have Learning Toys for Infants

1. Wooden Blocks

Wooden blocks have long been beloved toys of children. You can stack, count and knock down these fun blocks! Nowadays there are various varieties such as alphabet blocks that help children learn letters; cardboard nesting and stackable stackers; as well as shapes and colour learning blocks – it can be exciting exploring how each block works and discovering what you can build with them! Blocks offer endless fun while teaching valuable life lessons!

2. Flash Cards

Skillmatics Flash Cards have been specially created to facilitate visual development in babies. Their high contrast flash cards will capture and engage your newborn’s eyesight for visual stimulation and early visual development. Each card features 60 captivating images ranging from simple shapes to intricate patterns for maximum enjoyment for young minds. As your baby interacts with these cards, he or she is exposed to different visual stimuli which helps develop their recognition of shapes, patterns and colours. With Skillmatics Baby Flash Cards you can provide them with an environment rich in visual stimulation while encouraging early cognitive development – you’ll witness your baby become fascinated with exploring each vivid card depicted within it’s vibrant world depicted upon it and their eyes light up with curiosity as they explore it further! So kick start their learning journey using Skillmatics Flash Cards today & enhance their visual development from day 1!

3. Push and pull toys

Introduce your little one to the world of push and pull toys! Help your crawler develop their motor skills by encouraging them to chase after toys as you pull them across the floor. For your sitter, engage in a fun game of passing a rolling toy back and forth, promoting interaction and coordination. It’s beneficial to have a mix of wooden and electronic toys; while wooden toys offer a classic touch, electronic ones can be entertaining and aid in teaching object permanence. Try hiding an interactive toy under a blanket or behind furniture after showing it to your baby and turning it on. They’ll love the mystery of finding the toy by sound alone—engaging them in a delightful game of hide-and-seek!

4. Musical Toys

Musical toys are ideal for babies as their natural instinct is to respond to rhythm, possibly due to spending nine months listening only to their mother’s heartbeat during gestation. Musical toys take advantage of this natural tendency and help their brains develop naturally. By engaging with musical toys, babies not only enjoy themselves but also stimulate parts of their brain responsible for auditory processing, coordination and emotional regulation. Exposing young children to different sounds and rhythms early can set them up with an appreciation of music for life – so when choosing musical toys for your child, not only are you providing entertainment; you are nurturing their cognitive and emotional development in an enjoyable and interactive manner.

5. Soft Toys

A cuddly plush toy ball is perfect for your little one to hug, roll, and toss around. You can introduce it during playtime or while singing songs. Encourage your baby to explore various movements by gently tapping the ball’s surface with rhythm of music, encouraging him/her to sit up, then gently rolling back and forth alongside you as soon as they start sitting up – this interactive activity not only entertains but also aids physical development and coordination! Also place a bucket nearby so baby can aim and toss ball into it; this fun interactive game serves two functions at the same time!


Investment in quality learning toys for infants not only offers hours of entertainment but also fosters key developmental skills essential for their future learning and development. From improving cognitive ability with flashcards to physical coordination development through push and pull toys, each toy serves a specific function in helping your infant’s journey towards growth and discovery. So take on this rewarding voyage of exploration knowing you are creating strong foundations for the child’s future learning and growth!