5 Kinds Of Guest-Post Content That Work Best For Link Building

Guest posting is undoubtedly one of the best ways to build a high-quality backlink profile for your website or brand. It allows you to earn solid brand authority in the niche where your business belongs and ultimately drives more visitors to your website, boosting traffic organically.

The crux of guest posting is that you need to link to good-quality content that offers value to readers. Great content is the basic necessity for guest posting sites to let you publish your content. More specifically, five kinds of content are considered the most effective for a successful guest blogging program.

Let us find out more about these 5 kinds of content below.

  1. Case study

A case study is the best form of content to showcase your brand value. But it should further elucidate the point that you are trying to prove. The data points to support your claims are extra helpful for building your backlink profile.

To leverage a case study for guest blogging, make sure to plan the topics well before you actually develop the case study. This helps you to naturally link to your case study. In the case of gated case studies, i.e. where readers must provide their email addresses to view the full content, you can either use snippets from your case study in your blog post with a CTA. This helps the editor to quickly check the source and validate facts and also directs traffic to your website.

  • E-book

E-books are excellent for link building because they allow your blog post readers to dig further into the topic of your guest post. Make sure to select a unique topic and an experienced author for your e-book who can influence and boost your brand as a thought leader. The e-book should sound valuable and authentic, to boost your link-building efforts.

  • Exclusive data report

Data reports about your brand, based on real surveys, are highly sought-after by editors. You can not only link your guest posts to data reports but also reinstate your brand position in the market. Including detailed company or customer data and survey data in the report is excellent in establishing your brand credibility and ranking.

  • Thought leadership content

Thought leadership articles automatically create an impression of authority and experience. This helps in adding great value to your guest posts and blogs. It offers you greater legitimacy with references to industry insights from experts. Choosing topics related to the experience of your CEO, or your brand or niche of business makes it valuable for your readers and also highlights your brand expertise.

  • Detailed “How-to” blog posts

Content-rich blog posts, where you teach your readers how to do something from scratch to finish, are also highly valuable. Include plenty of graphs to easily understand data, screenshots, actionable tips, embedded videos, and definitions of phrases and terms, and add a linked table of contents at the start. Make the piece interactive, freely flowing, and easy to read, for a better impact.