The area of Gangnam is well-known in Seoul, South Korea. The area is renowned for its high-end restaurants and stores, as well as its vibrant nightlife. Many of the city’s very well tourist attractions are also located in Gangnam.

There are numerous parks and museums to explore as well in Gangnam The King of Seoul. Visit one of the numerous palaces or temples in the area to get a look at traditional Korean culture. Let’s embark on an exploration of Gangnam!

Visit Lotte World: fun for all the family

If you’re traveling with the young, this is a wonderful place is must to explore at 강남더킹 city. While children will be kept entertained for several hours at Lotte World Adventure, an entertainment park full of attractions, Lotte World Mall is perfect for a shopping spree.

Don’t allow your children to miss the balloon that “wings” overhead or the small trains that circle the park. Therefore, an active family can also rent skates and let their children loose on a pleasant ice rink.

Experience temple life at Bongeunsa

One of the famous temples in the city is Bongeunsa, which is properly translated as “Offering Mercy Temple.” It was built in 794 AD. The entrance is overflowing with dozens of lovely flower-filled pots from June through August when the lotus growing season is in full swing.

People visit the halls to pray before one of the numerous Buddha statues, offer incense, or light a candle below a canopy of beautiful lanterns. For those who prefer to spend one or two days immersed in monastic life, Bongeunsa also offers a temple stay program.

Explore outdoor art at the Olympic Park

Gangnam The King Seoul served as the Olympic host city in 1988. South Korea created an Olympic Park for both this occasion and the Asian Games in 1986. Despite the fact that some stadiums are still used for everyday workouts, others host a variety of exciting shows and events.

When you’re here, spend some time taking a leisurely stroll around the nearby hills. Some of which are covered in grass and others with forest, and take in the 200 or so sculptures that you pass. The majority, which features a variety of works by South Korean and global artists, were acquired for the Olympic Games.

Learn about prehistoric life at the Amsa-dong Settlement

Children and adults can both learn about South Korea’s ancestors in Amsa-dong. With a variety of ancient sites and restorations, this is the largest prehistoric site discovered in South Korea. The partially underground, beautifully restored huts preserve their original design elements. You can find pottery, stone tools, and replicas of burial chambers in the exhibition.

Combine a stroll with culture at the Royal Tombs

Even trendy Gangnam The King city makes reference to Korea’s royal history. There are 40 young tombs of kings or queens from either the Joseon dynasty in South Korea, which are part of the royal tombs, which Unesco has designated as a World Heritage site. You can really see three of these right here in Gangnam. They are all properly preserved and maintained.

The burial mounds are enclosed by walls, stone animals, stone lanterns, and a shrine area where procedures are performed. There is also spirit road and king’s road that lead to the location. Since this is by far the greatest green space in the region, they are many groups who come here to stroll in the forest.


There are several options available in Gangnam, Seoul. Whether you’re looking for a fantastic location to eat, you may discover a fantastic venue in Gangnam that meets your demands, no matter what your budget is.