Cannabis lovers often want to get the highest potency out of their cannabis, which they can easily do by following some tips. There are many things to consider when trying to get the highest potency level out of your cannabis, from what kind of cannabis you are using to prepare it and even how you consume it. Read on to learn more about six tips on getting the highest potency out of your cannabis so that you can enjoy to your best.

  1. Don’t Smoke It, Vape It!

Inhaling pot into your lungs is one way to get high, but it isn’t necessarily the most efficient. When you smoke cannabis, THC converts into several other chemicals before entering your bloodstream. By contrast, when you inhale cannabis through a vaporizer, almost all of its active compounds convert directly into vapour. Then exhalation takes place without chemically altering them in any way. You can benefit from Weed delivery london, ontario and get the best cannabis products and most conveniently.

Hence, if you want to maximize potency from vaping, you should consider using fully decarboxylated bud—in other words, a weed that has undergone drying and heating until every molecule of THCA has turned into THC. The ideal temperature for decarboxylation depends primarily on whether or not you want to taste terpenes; generally speaking, lower temperatures yield more flavorful vapour with minor throat hits, and higher temperatures produce more potent hits with less flavour. If the choice becomes difficult, your local dispensary budtenders will help you make the best choice.

  1. Use cannabis with THC/CBD or CBD/THC ratios above 1

Use cannabis with a higher THC: CBD. For example, if you have a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio strain, you will get twice as high as if you use one with a 1:2 THC/CBD ratio strain. The more potent your cannabis is, you can use less while still achieving a similar effect. Choose cannabis strains with higher CBD (cannabidiol) than THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBDs offer additional therapeutic benefits and unique high; they also help mitigate some of that classic high feeling associated with THC.

  1. Use Only Properly Cured Cannabis

When you are smoking cannabis, there’s a whole array of compounds released into your body; some are responsible for getting you high, while others are mainly responsible for giving you that couch-lock feeling. It’s, therefore, crucial to consider whether or not you are consuming a well-cured product if you want to achieve a higher potency level from your pot.

Before cannabis gets in dispensaries, it’s first adequately dried. The curing process allows excess moisture content within buds to evaporate and ensures they don’t mould over time. Once they have correctly dried, sellers will package them in airtight containers and put them away to develop their potency over time. Curing helps prevent active compounds in cannabis from breaking down.

  1. Eat it Instead of Drinking

The THC in cannabis is fat-soluble mainly, which means that if you eat a cannabis edible—such as an infused cookie—rather than drinking or smoking it, you will get high more easily. The reason is that edibles deliver their active ingredient directly to your liver before reaching your bloodstream. It takes longer to feel these effects, but they tend to last longer, too; many users report feeling high for hours after eating an edible.

Also, note: Edibles won’t get you high when you take with alcohol, so don’t expect them to offset any of your drunkenness. Additionally, consuming too much cannabis may result in acute anxiety attacks and loss of coordination—both things most people try to avoid during a night out partying with friends.

  1. The Less You Handle and Expose It, The Higher Its Potency

The longer you expose cannabis to air and light or subject to high temperatures, like when you leave it out in a bowl, bong or pipe for a long time, then its potency drops. That’s because THC oxidizes more quickly with higher heat. Also, if you smoke cannabis that isn’t freshly grown or hasn’t been stored properly (in an airtight container), it will contain fewer cannabinoids than fresher bud. If you want to optimize the excellent feeling and other benefits from your cannabis, store it somewhere cool and dark, away from heat sources and avoid mishandling.


If you want to maximize your cannabis experience and get as high as possible, it’s crucial to be cautious of what you buy and how you consume. Remember that less is more: start small with a low dose and don’t feel pressured to consume more if you don’t feel anything. Next, remember that THC can build up in your system—so wait at least three hours between hits. You can get more information on your local cannabis dispensaries and their products from KushMapper.