5 Ideas on How to Expand Your Watches Collection

Watches have been around for quite a long time now, and even with the clock provided on each mobile device, a physical watch on your wrist expresses your personality more of your style than any other. No wonder people who are enthusiast about keeping their fashion topnotch have different matching accessories for different attire and occasions. So why not have more than one watch for more than one occasion? We have carefully considered this practice and present you with our list and tips on what to consider when expanding yours.

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Shop What You Can Buy:

A good watch is as good and long-lasting as a stone requiring minimal maintenance. Compared to other watches, vintage rolex watches have a longer lifespan. These timepieces are a better option for you if designer watches are out of your price range. The budget should be a major factor when adding to your collection for the average person. When purchasing watches, consider pricing differences and distinctiveness before expanding. Collecting watches is the same as any other hobby; you like to collect the most coveted things. But if it is to add an accessory to your wardrobe, do balance your expenses.

Many replicas are of excellent quality and can expand your collection and give you absolute joy in cherishing it. “This is the real deal” type of thinking is not a good premise to go on. Both of them will tell time, one might last longer, but you can maintain the other cheaper. For the real deal price, you can buy 10 of the not so real a deal and still have tons of fun while doing that activity.

An Intimate Affair:

Buying and looking for watches is a personal matter. It should resonate with your inner feelings and tell you an answer when it tilts towards a specific design. Choosing watches is purely subjective as the watches you will like not necessarily are liked by others around you, and it shouldn’t be skewed on their opinion. Every watch that you buy tells a story in itself. The feel and comfort a watch your choice is a beauty and joy in itself. Therefore, there isn’t a perfect and ideal collection, or you should only stick to one option or type. Go where your heart leads you.

Every time you buy a watch or thinking of doing it, you battle the inner desires of getting the shiniest and expensive ones to show off with the other feelings of buying just for the love you have for them and not get carried away. You don’t want to buy on an impulse, so that you will always regret your purchase and wear or use that watch with disdain. Balance your heart and mind into the process of buying.


Suppose you are a seasoned collector or starting to build your collection for collection sake or fashion; map out what types you want to be in your collection. A basic approach is to buy for following things:

  • Your Attire – Buy watches that match your outfit. These can be for different occasions like a funeral or a party or matching the color of your dress, like silver for black dresses, a leather strap for darker colors, and so on.
  • Your Activity – You can buy different watches for office time which only tells you time but is classy enough to expand your personality. When exercising, a sporty digital watch monitors your running and heart rate and other health stuff. It can even be a waterproof watch for swimming and managing your lap times.
  • Strapping it up – If you want to have many colors, you can do away with multiple straps for a delicate and exquisite watch for which you can keep changing straps. These straps can have different qualities, materials, and colors to match your style.

Buying New/Used:

While most might like to buy new and unused watches, many of us might cherish a timeless watch with a cheaper price tag. We might want to buy a Swiss-engineered watch that is top of the line if we can get it for a lower price. Some watches might have left the production line long ago and can’t be found in a regular shop. You can put your query on online selling forums and see if someone has them. These can be vintage watches or a 1980s Optimus Prime inspired kids’ watch. Consider what purpose or theme you want to buy your watch for.

When buying new watches, research for a reliable seller. The watch must have a warranty or a certificate of originality if you buy a branded watch, especially if you are looking for men’s diamond watches. Be sure to read the return policy and warranty claim when buying new watches because they might stop working, or eventually, you might think of reselling them in the future. 

Expert Opinion:

Finally, the best opinion that you may get from is the experts. Suppose you are going for watches that promote fashion statements and compliments the color of your outfit. If that is the case,  buy colorful or shiny watches or go with the particular occasion. But when you are considering buying vintages or engineered watches, you should always consult experts in that particular field. 

You should build a relationship with the shopkeepers, the expert repairmen who have spent their life around watches, and the experts at auction houses who can get you the inner story of why and what watch you should buy. Experts can guide you towards specific watches on the brands you have targeted, giving you a clear picture of how to proceed further.


Wearing a wristwatch is an integral part of your style and enhances it whether you believe it or not. We strongly believe that watches are an expression of your personality and style and even show how much care you put into accessorizing yourself. It also tells about how practical you can be when dealing with mundane things like a fashion accessory for some. Building a worthy collection of watches isn’t as simple as it seems and is like any other hobby collection. It takes great care and your love for things you want to surround yourself with.