5 Highest Rated Restaurants in Queanbeyan

When you walk into a restaurant, one of the goals is to enjoy a delicious, affordable meal. That first food experience will determine whether you will make that restaurant your regular place or avoid it for a long time. To save you the pain of having bad food experiences, here is a list of the highest-rated restaurants in Queanbeyan. The ratings are based on the ambience, service and, of course, the food.

The Five Highest-Rated Restaurants in Queanbeyan

If you want to have your taste buds aroused with amazing cuisines, try out these five highest-rated restaurants that you can find in Queanbeyan.

  1. Punjab Hut Indian Restaurant

Punjab Hut Indian restaurant delights by using traditional Punjabi cooking methods. They add unique yet healthy ingredients to their dishes. They also offer specialty Naan breads. Their naan bread is cooked in tandoor ovens, giving them a smokey flavour, that will surely satisfy every customer.

You can go to Punjab Hut Indian restaurant at 226 Crawford St.

  1. Turquoise Turkish Restaurant

Turquoise Turkish Restaurant is relatively small, giving it a cafe-like ambience. You can enjoy the best authentic Turkish dishes in big portions but at low prices. 

Equipped with great staff, they will serve you delightfully and you will not be kept waiting too long for your food. Their Turkish bread is freshly baked with a unique aroma. If you cannot walk in, you can place your order, and they can deliver at certain areas in Queanbeyan.

It is located at 72 Monaro St., Queanbeyan.

  1. New Cathay Chinese Restaurant

Finding a restaurant that makes good Chinese food can be frustrating, but not so with the New Cathay restaurant. They have a friendly and welcoming service and a variety of dishes. Make sure you try out their popular Rendang and Satay King Prawns. When it comes to Chinese cuisine, it’s your best bet in Queanbeyan.

The restaurant is located at 9 Monaro St., Queanbeyan, NSW 2620.

  1. The Royal Turban

Are you looking for a combination of old and modern exquisite Indian cuisine? Look no further because the Royal Turban is your place. Its extensive menu offers unique varieties of Indian dishes. Their experienced chefs make delightfully spicy dishes with ingredients and herbs from particular sources. Seafood Biryani, Garlic Naan Bread, and Chicken Korma dishes are some of the favorites.

The Royal Turban offers quality food at affordable prices. There are various options to choose from such as vegetarian dishes, main courses, desserts and entrees.

It’s located at 101/103 Monaro St., Queanbeyan, NSW 2620.

  1. Lime Leaves

Lime Leaves is one of the highest-rated Thai restaurants in Queanbeyan because of their use of fresh ingredients and herbs of the highest quality. They have a variety of dishes to choose from, and they offer dine-in, takeaways and delivery within the surrounding areas at a cost.

It also boasts great service and a good ambience. It’s located at 24 Lowe St., Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620.


Experience a great lifestyle in Queanbeyan by visiting these 5 highest-rated restaurants.