5 Hacks To Trick Yourself Into a Healthier Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must, but many people struggle to make healthy habits stick. They often start strong but taper off over time, leading to further discouragement. Not being able to keep at it can sometimes be caused by temptations, lack of encouragement, or not seeing results. It can sometimes feel like a task or a responsibility for some, especially if they are only motivated to do it out of interpersonal influence or pressure. 

Going for a healthier lifestyle must be motivated by a person’s desire to keep their body in the best condition and live a full life. Moreover, if you still find it hard to do or are not sure where to begin, there are some ways to trick yourself into making healthier habits without even realizing it. 

Drink Water

A healthier lifestyle can start with an activity as simple as drinking more water daily. Try drinking water instead of having sugary drinks or caffeinated drinks throughout the day. Staying hydrated at all times significantly contributes to making you healthier. 

Water has a lot of benefits for the human body. Right off the bat, it can help you stay alert and feel more energized. It helps refresh your body and regulate your body temperature. More so, water helps keep your body’s systems functioning properly. It helps in lubricating joints, carries oxygen throughout your body and is also essential in supporting your digestion. Water allows the absorption of all the nutrients and minerals you intake. In addition, it flushes waste out of your system, which can also be relative to giving you a more glowing complexion. 

To keep a healthy level of water in the body, males must drink an average of 15.5 cups of fluids per day, while females must drink at least almost 11.5 cups. 

Look Away When Tempted

Commercials and certain food packaging are designed to make us salivate or crave certain food or taste. This deceptive advertising technique often makes you feel you will have an amazing, delicious experience, but in actuality, you will regret it pretty quickly. 

Starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle requires discipline and commitment. Be committed to your goals, be it reaching a healthier weight, building your muscles or even just strengthening your immune system and your whole body. Having a goal that you can commit to can help guide you to avoid the temptations of eating unhealthy foods or engaging in unhealthy activities, like staying up late and not getting enough sleep or not exercising and moving. 

Remove the temptation and look away from these tainting elements showing up. Let the people around you know the things you are trying to avoid, so they can also help you make adjustments and keep temptations away at all times. 

Practice Gratitude

If stress or anxiety is your health concern, practicing gratitude is a scientifically-proven way to improve mood. Whenever you start to stress out over external factors, like work or family, or you are having anxious thoughts about your own health, weight and physical appearance, this is the time where you need to be kind to yourself the most. Focus on what you have and appreciate them rather than judge or problematize them.  

Think about three things every day that you are grateful for. Maybe it’s a friend or an easier commute to work, a good book to read, a great coffee or as simple as the sun is shining. Appreciate yourself and your own body, too, no matter its shape and size and try to be grateful for yourself. These small things, no matter how mundane to others, can greatly elevate your mood and encourage you to take care of yourself. 

You can also journal the things you are grateful for as writing is often a meditative activity. Make notes and surround yourself with reminders to be grateful or find creative ways to feel and express your gratitude. This way, you can have a more positive outlook, which can help lessen your stress levels and anxiety and encourage you to take better care of your health, mentally and physically. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

Whenever people hear “healthy lifestyle“, diet and exercise often come first in mind. But sleep is also a major factor in keeping the body healthy. Having a restful shuteye allows the body to rest, rejuvenate and replenish lost energy. It resets the systems so they can function normally again the next day.

Having a good sleeping routine helps in maintaining optimum health conditions. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Set a specific schedule and be sure to strictly follow it, to develop a good sleep cycle and a healthy sleeping pattern. Be sure you optimize your sleeping experience with a comfortable bedroom environment and have the best mattress type that fits your sleep needs. Having a mattress that does not cater to your body structure and preferred sleeping positions can cause discomfort that can disturb your sleep cycle, so invest in a good mattress and beddings and accessories.

Try Small Portions

When you embark on a journey to a healthier version of yourself, changing your diet and sleeping patterns or starting to exercise daily can be overwhelming and stressful. Do not force yourself to do everything successfully all in one go. Create a plan and divide your goals into smaller, more manageable and doable chunks of tasks and changes. You can also make a step-by-step plan to track your progress and know where you are at with your goals.

For example, if you want to reduce your sugar intake, evaluate the amount of sugar from drinks and foods you take per day, and try to cut it down by half in your first week. Then, cut it by half the following week until you reach a healthier level. This way, changes are gradual and you are not overwhelmed or shocked by sudden changes. 

Moreover, opting for a healthier way of living means cutting bad habits out completely, which can be a challenge. Bad habits span from smoking and excessively drinking alcohol or taking other harmful substances, to eating too many sugars and salty food or watching too much TV. From the most complex to the simplest ones, it must stop if it is unhealthy for you.  

This may sound like a major change, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once. Whatever it may be, start by acknowledging that such a habit is bad. Afterwards, try shrinking the portion or amount of time you spend doing it bit by bit until you have it down to a healthier level. 

Empower Yourself To Be Healthier

Being healthy can sometimes be challenging, but the best way to adopt a healthier lifestyle is to find the motivation and encourage yourself. Make keeping your body healthy a favor you do for yourself, in exchange for being able to do what you can do daily— move, work for your dreams, spend time with family and friends and live life to the fullest. Focus on these goals, be patient with yourself and give yourself time and the kindness you need to slowly, but surely, get healthier and even happier over time.