5 Golf course maintenance equipments To Keep Your Turf Safe in 2021

Who wouldn’t want a lush green turf to your facility? But, unfortunately, maintaining a golf course impeccable all year round is not easy.

Although severe weather and lightning are always a public safety concern for golf, golf course maintenance equipment plays a pivotal role in course management. 

However, before you spend thousands of dollars on maintenance equipment, pieces of machinery should sync in with your landscape features, terrain type, and facility.

Ulverstone Mowers & Chainsaws try to give you with the best cordless grass trimmer for the task that offers excellent value and quality.

As winter approaches, golf course facilities are preparing up for your last few rounds of golf! From regular maintenance soil moisture readings, watering schedules to aeration, here is an overview of essential used golf course equipment to keep the course in top performance. 


If there’s one piece of equipment that golf operators can’t do without, it’s golf course mowers. Finding the perfect mower can be demanding with an automotive and riding mower in the market.

Therefore, we suggest you recognize your turf, climate and property size before investing in expensive mowers. 

In the market, you will find different major mowers based on mechanisms for your turf maintenance expeditions- 

  • Reels Mowers 
  • Rotary Mowers 

Reel Mowers 

Reel mowers offer close and precise cutting of grass without harming the roots. With the different mechanisms, the reel mowers are available in manual and automated models in the market. 

The sharp blades aligned with the helical structure of cylindrical attachments, reel mowers are ideal for trimming the grass with structured helical blades fixed into a horizontal position. Usually, reel mowers integrate 5-7 blades to accomplish the desired turf quality. 

Rotary Mowers 

Rotary mowers trim grass in a horizontal direction over your turf. These mowers trim the grass in the vertical direction with a swift speed compared to the reel mowers.

However, you can use these mowers for maintaining backyard greens and rough. Moreover, these mowers are easy to operate with electric and fuel-supporting engines. 

Aeration Equipment

Optimum aeration of turf allows easy movement of moisture and air in the surface resulting in a smooth and firm turf. Aeration pieces of machinery come in various forms and sizes, syncing in with the separation lines. 

Automatic aeration machines provide flawless tine spacing, optimum aeration depth, and greens on collars over the turf. 

Backpack Blowers 

Leaves, if not cleared, can become substantially hazardous for people and the maintenance equipment within the facility.

Therefore, backpack blowers, also known as leaf blowers, are basic tools in a golf operator’s arsenal of golf course maintenance. Blowers functionally remove leaves, grass cuttings, and other loose stuff into a pile.

Green Rollers 

The green rollers, used in different combinations with mowers, improve the quality of the turf. The rollers increase the speed at which the golf ball travels.

Furthermore, the green rollers decrease dry spots, offering an easy movement of moisture within the turf. The smooth surface fosters seedbed preparation and decreases weeds and algae. 

Bunker Machinery

Bunker machines are golf course maintenance vehicles with three wheels with a large rake on the back. Balancing sand, bunker machines level out the sand as you drive through the sand, rendering no damage to the turf. 

Wrapping Up 

So while we typically consider climate and public safety impacts while measuring course maintenance, daily operations of golf course maintenance equipment are a constant reminder that turf management decisions are equally important for the course’s health.