5 Fantastic Careers For Business-Minded Women

You have your business degree, but now you cannot decide what work applies to – the worst dream of each graduate. Don’t panic, the important thing is you do research on potential companies and try to match it with your unique skills, experiences, and personalities. It can take time, but once you find your dream job, you will know that all efforts are worth it.

If you want to pursue a business field but don’t want to start your own company, you might not be sure about what work should be hunted. The problem is not lack of role; It is a fact that there is too much to choose from. With so many interesting and profitable areas to specialize, choosing someone can be difficult, especially for young women or those who are in transition.

Here are some suggestions for consideration if you are superior in business concepts, numbers, and statistics.

Business analyst

What is business analysts? Business analyst studied company data to see where it losses and how they can be avoided in the future. To do it well in this role, you must be a smart problem solver. Solving company problems will be a big part of your daily task, so this is very important.

You must be good with numbers, because you have to compare many numbers. You also have to be a good listener and can be objective about things. You also have to be a skilled negotiator, because you will be asked to connect with people from various departments to create harmony, compactness, and consistency.

Will additional training needed? Yes, unless you have specialized in becoming a business analyst. However, this can be done from the comfort of your own home through the Sprintzeal CBAP training program. Because all training has been recorded, so you can watch and complete each part at the time that suits you.

Marketing Manager

What do marketing managers do? Marketing managers have many roles, ranging from planning strategies to promote products through events and websites. To succeed in this position, you must be multitasker, creative, and the fantastic organized. Does this sound like you?

Will additional training needed for this role? Yes and no, this will depend on the company where you work. You will, however, need to have a degree in business or business related fields. Obviously, any additional CBAP training you choose to do in marketing will increase your resume and make you stand out. However, in most roles it will not be mandatory.

Business accountant

Yes, for business minded women, working as a fantastic business accountant. Of course, you also have to be a skilled mathematics expert to be successful. If mathematics is not your strong point, this role is not a good choice for you. However, if you are a child who is always straight in mathematics and can’t wait to challenge your mind in the area, then work as a business accountant can be perfect for you.

For this role, you must be passionate about numbers. You also have to be organized in terms of how you work. And, most importantly, you must be skilled in collecting data and executing problem solving.

Most business degrees, cover the basic accounting area. So, if you have a business degree and mathematics mind, this might be suitable for you. For this role, you must take some additional training to build your qualifications. This will ensure that you have the latest information in the industry and keep you on track to do the best and superior in your work. If you apply for a postgraduate business accountant work, you can complete this training when you work.

Retail and sale

Don’t make mistakes by thinking that a career in retail is about customer service and a shelf buildup, there is more than that. The best thing about choosing a role in the retail industry is that you will have many choices to choose from. I recommend looking for a position that deals with something you like, like, fashion, beauty, interior furniture, books, etc. Your role as a retail or sales expert will be far more satisfying if you work with things and people who appeal to you. If you have a business degree, you might be able to track your career quickly to management and a much higher payment position faster. Additional training will be very helpful to follow your products and the latest sales techniques. This will also depend on your goals and the type of business you want to do.

Human Resources

If you are a person, and your business degree includes management aspects, the role in HR can be perfect for you. Not only career in human resources are very interesting, but also equipped with various progress opportunities.

Another bonus of taking work on HR is the fact that you will have a different job to focus. This means that you don’t only need to be people, but you also have to be a skilled multi tasker. You must like to work especially in the office, because most of the role of HR is based in the office. You should not need to complete extra training for roles in human resources. However, if training is needed, it is likely to be in work training.