5 Easy Steps to Become a WordPress Developer in 2021

If you are looking for a career in the digital space, WordPress development might be your best bet. With more than 25% of all websites using WordPress, it is no surprise that this industry has seen an increase in demand. However, with so many new WordPress developers entering the market every year, how do you stand out? This blog post will outline five steps to help you become a successful WordPress developer in 2021!

Step One: Learn WordPress Development Basics

The first step to becoming a successful WordPress developer is following the basics of how it works. This means learning some HTML, CSS, and PHP. While you can get by with just using WordPress for your site, knowing these languages will help if something goes wrong or you want more control over what happens on your site.

Step Two: Enhance Your Skills

WordPress development Sydney is constantly changing and improving, so it is important to stay on top of the latest trends. This means not only learning how WordPress works but also understanding website design theory (how different elements affect each other) and best practices for mobile-friendly websites. By applying these skills in your projects you will be able to build up a portfolio that can help get you noticed by future employers!

Step Three: Build Community Connections

A great way to improve your WordPress development skills while honing your network at the same time is by joining online communities like The WordPress Stack Exchange. Not only does this provide an excellent forum where discussion around all things WordPress takes place, but members who answer questions get points for doing so. Those who answer the most questions receive “reputation”, which is a sign of respect among community members and can help you be found when people are looking to hire WordPress developers!

Step Four: Get Certified

Depending on your specialization within WordPress development (i.e., front-end developer vs back-end developer) there may also be opportunities to become certified by ellen pierson companies like Human Made or Zippy Courses. While it isn’t necessary that you obtain certification in order to work as a successful WordPress developer, having these papers will definitely give potential employers something more concrete upon which they can base their hiring decisions off of!

Step Five: Improve Your Skills with Free Resources Online

While certification certainly helps, it isn’t the only way to stand out as an exceptional WordPress developer. By following tutorials and blogs dedicated to web design you can continue improving your skills even if you don’t have any formal education in this area! There are also many free courses that anyone can sign up for online (like one of our very own here at Thinkific) like Udemy or Treehouse.