5 Common Mistakes That Beginner Dirt bikers Make

Dirt biking is an exhilarating adventure, especially for beginners. But it is common for beginner dirt bikers to make some common mistakes when starting their dirt biking adventure. 

This ranges from sitting posture to handling. Although this may seem embarrassing, it shouldn’t be a major concern since no one is immune to making mistakes – even the most experienced dirt bikers. 

However, there are some cheap mistakes you can avoid. You will learn more about the mistakes from this article and how to avoid them.

Below are the top five mistakes made by beginner dirt bikers and how to avoid them.

Incorrect Body Posture

This is probably the most common mistake beginners make. The body position determines how much control you have over your ride, and gives you an edge over other riders. 

A proper body position allows you to easily make a bend or jump, and prevent you from tiring out quickly. To maintain a good body position, you should ensure your body is in sync with the bike movement by tilting in the opposite direction to maintain balance.

Likewise, to maintain balance, it is not always recommended to sit down during the ride. You should begin by riding at low speed and keep your feet down to avoid toppling over. You should also put your weight on the front edge for quicker turning.

As the saying goes: practice makes perfect. As you practice consistently, you will learn to maintain a standing position to keep the center of gravity in line with the motor. That way, you won’t experience fatigue quickly.

Not Putting On The Right Gear

Safety gears do not only prevent you from contracting serious injuries in the case of an accident, they equally help to improve your riding comfort.

While you may be tempted to go without putting on the necessary gears. This is not always recommended as an accident can be life-threatening given how adventurous dirt-biking can be. 

In addition, these gears are designed to improve your riding experience, and you should put on a helmet, knee guard, boots, and gloves at the minimum. You can also customize them to suit your style from an online dirt bike accessory and graphics store, such as SKDA.

SKDA offers you a wide variety of dirt bike gear and accessories graphics, such as helmet graphics, and other customization to spice up your adventure. You may visit their website to see what design you find appealing.

Not Properly Using The Clutch and Throttle

The clutch and throttle are important parts to learn how to use properly when riding a dirt bike because they control the bike friction. But learning how to use it properly requires constant practice.

You need to understand when to release the clutch and how much throttle to apply to avoid frequently stalling your dirt bike while on the move. To do this, first discover the friction zone or biting point by taking the bike off the kickstand, putting on the engine, and putting it into the first gear.

You should do this on a flat surface, you should also prevent rolling, and keep your hand away from the brake. You should then begin to release the clutch slowly till you feel the bike about to pull away. This is the biting point or friction zone.

You should repeat this process till you can recollect the point in your memory via your muscle movement. This point can be different on every bike, so it is necessary to learn the biting point for every bike you are to ride to avoid exceeding the point and stalling.

Continuous practice while on the move will increase your mastery of the process. 

Looking Down Or in The Wrong Direction

While riding your first bike, it is tempting to look downward to gauge your movements. But keeping such a line of vision may send you crashing sooner than expected.

It is recommended to keep your head straight and look ahead when riding your dirt bike. This way, you have a clearer vision of where you are going, and your brain can be alert to keep your body in tune with the bike movement.

Standing on The Arches of The Feet

Many beginner dirt bike riders often stand on the arches of their feet which is not recommended. While it may feel more comfortable to keep your feet apart, your toes are pointed out, which can cause it to hit the rear brake.

Placing your feet on the balls is not only more comfortable but equally helps to relax your vein and prevent swelling. Therefore, you should learn how to properly position your feet, just like pro riders do.