Perhaps you have already started to plan in earnest for the migration of your IT services and infrastructure to a cloud environment or maybe you are still debating which type of migration is the best option for your organisation. In either case, there are 5 major Australian cloud providers – global concerns with data centres in Australia – that you really need to know about before you finalise your plans.

5 Australian cloud providers offering enterprise-grade services

The provider that you choose to work with when planning your cloud migration could ultimately decide whether your project is a success or a failure. For this reason, it is extremely important that you make the right choice. The 5 service providers in our list all provide cloud solutions to some of the biggest names in Australia and all have an excellent reputation.

1. IBM Cloud 

Although quite small in terms of global market share, IBM Cloud is, of course, run by one of the most recognised names in the IT industry. It is a full-stack cloud platform with in excess of 170 individual services, making it a comprehensive offering that can easily meet the needs of businesses and government agencies in Australia.

2. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 

Oracle is also quite a small player in the global cloud computing market but, in common with IBM, they are one of the most widely respected companies in the IT industry. Their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a robust platform that has been designed to offer outstanding application performance and security, as well as a clear migration path for new customers to follow.

3. Alibaba Cloud 

Alibaba has created a tightly integrated set of cloud services that are designed specifically for commercial customers and public sector organisations who demand high performance, outstanding security and excellent availability. In common with all the service providers on this list, Alibaba’s global cloud network includes data centres here in Australia, enabling them to guarantee a decent level of performance for apps and services with a domestic target audience.

4. Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft is one of the big 3 cloud providers globally and their Azure platform includes hundreds of quality cloud services. The ability to integrate Microsoft Office and Dynamics with the Azure platform has helped to make it a popular choice among commercial organisations all over the world.

5. Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Amazon’s cloud solutions account for more than 30% of the global cloud market, making them the largest cloud service provider. The AWS platform includes hundreds of advanced cloud services and has been designed to meet the needs of organisations of all types and sizes. Services such as AWS Direct Connect, which is available from locations in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth, provide AWS customers in Australia with high-speed access to other cloud services running in AWS regions all over the world (except China).

Whichever of these cloud service providers you decide to work with in Australia, you should be able to rely on them to deliver a high-quality solution that meets all of your needs.