The parasocial relationships that fans develop with celebrities are so strong that fans often find themselves doing what stars do. A celebrity starts juicing to lose weight, shares their progress, and all of a sudden, millions of people are doing the same thing. They do not care if the method works – all they want is to have something in common with the said celebrity. 

That’s why when people found out that celebrities also bet on sports, the popularity of sports betting increased. The stigma surrounding sports betting reduced because if a celebrity could do it, why would their fans not follow suit? They were soon taking up offers such as those on this website, eager to understand how betting worked and how they could profit from it. And luckily, the learning curve is not too steep, and many people have made enough to live next to their celebrities. 

Are you curious which celebrities share a love of sports betting with you? Wonder no more!

  1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Do you remember the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor fight back in 2017? Bettors could hardly hold back on making wagers and placed stakes left, right, and center. Bookies collected record bets, and the wagers became even more lucrative as the day neared. Those who staked a lot on the game and won made so much money that they were not shy about showing off to the world.

But guess what? While people were betting on or against Floyd, this world champion boxing star is not a stranger to the world of sports betting. When he is not in the ring, boxing his way to another championship, he is outside, taking wagers on different sports. He once backed Colorado state with a whopping $50,000! And he made $45,000 from that wager, showing just how lucrative betting can be.

Is he quiet about his betting moves? Not at all – fans can get in on his latest wagers by following him on Twitter, where he updates his audience on his latest bets, including his betting slips. And while spending hundreds of thousands of dollars may seem like a lot of money, that’s not much to someone like Floyd, whose net worth exceeds $400 million!

  1. 50 Cent

This rapper has quite a rich history in the music industry which endears him to many people. And when he is not making hits, movies, or appearances, he likes to indulge in placing wagers. Interestingly, he prefers listening to his gut. While most punters would agree that this is not the best way to make objective wagers, 50 Cent likes listening to the voices in his head. And they must be doing something right because he often wagers thousands of dollars on teams and comes out on top!

How big are his wins, though? He once made $500,000 in profit after backing the Giants to beat the San Francisco 49ers to reach the Super Bowl! He reinvested the money in another bet, topped it to hit a million dollars, and won again. He must be a fortunate man!

  1. Ashton Kutcher

When Charlie Sheen left Two and a Half Men, Ashton stepped in to fill his shoes. Little did people know that on the side, he was actively placing bets on college football. But rather than do so directly, he got involved with a sports syndicate. With this, he could place large bets on the games and was raking in a lot of money before the operation became obvious.

So, how much did he make? On average, he would make $750,000 a month during the college football season. Not bad at all!

  1. Michael Jordan

Isn’t it interesting that sportspeople are just as interested in placing wagers as their fans? Anyone who has a keen interest in basketball is familiar with this legend. The story goes that while NBA contracts require players to avoid betting, Michael did not toe the line. It probably had something to do with his early retirement.

But how much was he wagering? Michael was an avid gambler. And he once lost $1.25 million in a round of golf to a San Diego businessman. Walking away from that loss cannot be easy, even for the wealthiest person on earth. This story goes to show that even celebrities can lose money when gambling. So, take heart when things don’t work your way.

  1. Jaromir Jagr

In the 90s, very few NFL stars came close to Jaromir, who was raking in the highest salary. And to increase his earnings, he took to sports betting, which eventually landed him in trouble. How so? His love for betting was so immense that he had difficulty knowing when to stop. He ultimately chased losses amounting to more than $500,000 and was unable to pay up, thus forcing the issue into the limelight. Jaromir later quit betting after figuring out a way to pay off the money he had spent on it. 

While having a common pastime with your favorite celebrity feels great, it only pays off if you choose the right betting platform. It would help if you focused on the following aspects when selecting the site on which you will practice and eventually place wagers on:

  • Does it have the license to offer such services?
  • Does the site have a positive reputation?
  • How soon can you access your winnings, and what payment platforms are available?
  • Do you like its customer service?

These factors play a vital role in how much you enjoy sports betting and how much profit you make. Also, remember to have fun – while you can turn sports betting into a career, it’s always good to enjoy the process!