It’s thought that one of the most important things you can do before a psychic reading is to properly prepare for the experience. In fact, the most famous psychics will advise you to spiritually ground yourself before doing any sort of energy work. Here are some ways to discharge negative energy and become grounded prior to your next psychic reading.

Connect With Nature

Many psychics recommend communing with nature in order to become as open and clear as possible before meeting with them. One simple way to accomplish this is by walking barefoot on the ground, so that you are directly touching Mother Earth. Another good option is to sit quietly on the grass or soil beneath a tree. In both instances, take time to feel the energy of the earth rising into your body and sweeping away any negativity so you are well-prepared for a reading.


Engaging in a simple, mundane activity like working in your garden can have a remarkably restorative effect on your energy field. Planting, weeding, and harvesting are all part of the circle of life, and by gardening you are connecting physically and mentally with that cycle. These nurturing acts can calm you and expand your emotional core, so you will be open to receive the best love psychic readings.


Almost any type of movement can provide you with the means to ground yourself, and running can be particularly effective. The steady pace of an energizing jog will often put you in a meditative mental state, while your body is being purged of toxins and other sources of bad energy. Running can make you feel like you’re pressing an imaginary reset button and creating a clean slate with which to receive your reading.


Taking a bath, particularly in salt waters, is believed by many to restore and heal people both mentally and physically. While you soak in a warm tub in which you’ve sprinkled bath salts, take the time to visualize all of your cares and worries floating away from you. It can even be helpful to watch while the water empties at the end of your bath, so you experience “seeing” your negativity drain away. Bathing can literally cleanse your body while figuratively cleansing your mind, so you are left feeling more spiritually open to a psychic.

Use Crystals

Finally, the use of crystals can aid in or intensify your spiritual grounding. Crystals are believed to help you exchange negative energy for positive, freeing you of anything that could impede your acceptance of what a psychic has to share with you. Holding one or more stones while visualizing that transfer of energy can serve to broaden your spiritual channels and make you more receptive during your reading.

Grounding yourself in one or more of these ways can help ready you for a better reading experience. When you know you’ll have the time to prepare properly, search online for tarot psychics or other spiritualists who can guide you through a reading that will be both productive and rewarding.


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