Finding suitable luxury static caravans for sale can be a daunting task to some. Purchasing a caravan is an important decision, and it prepares you for thrilling road adventures. If you get yourself the right caravan, you could enjoy numerous years of countless holidays and happy touring. However, there are several things you need to check and do before walking into a store and purchasing a caravan.

Not all caravans are designed or manufactured the same. Some are better than others, depending on their purpose. If you’re looking for your first caravan or want to upgrade the existing model, you’ll find plenty of expert tips in this article on how to pick the ideal caravan. Keep reading to find out how to land the perfect deal.

Choose your preferred caravan layout

Depending on your budget allocation, there are three main types of caravans that you can pick from – entry-level caravan, family caravan, and luxury caravan.

  • Entry-level caravan. This type of caravans is small and usually has a fixed layout – a small kitchen, a side dining area, a double bed, and a bathroom. Some entry-level caravans do not come with a bathroom. Otherwise, entry-level caravans are ideal for beginners and vacationers who’re on a tight budget.
  • Family caravans. These caravans are typically larger and are designed for families, mid-sized groups, and solo vacationers who need additional space. The layout of this type of caravan includes bunk beds, a retractable double bed, and a big dining area.
  • Luxury caravans. Luxury caravans provide vacationers with every comfort of a home – a big dining area, kitchen, and bedroom, a full bathroom, and an entertainment system. These caravans are great for adventure enthusiasts who enjoy glamorous camping deep in the wilderness.

Whichever type of caravan you pick, you should take ample time to think about it before deciding to buy one. If you’re fortunate to land a caravan that suits all your wants and needs, then you’re sure to have an adventurous and exciting experience with it.

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Used caravans can be a huge bargain

Typically, caravans are costly, and it’s possible to find enticing deals on used models. Before you purchase a used unit, there are two things you must consider. First, you need to conduct the same research you would if you were buying a new caravan. Consequently, you must consider the previous ownership and the current condition of that caravan.

Also, you must conduct a thorough check on the caravan. There are a couple of questions you must ask the dealer, such as:

  • What is the age of the caravan?
  • Where has the caravan traveled to?
  • Was the caravan stored in a garage or outside?

You’ll also require the caravan’s official documentation, including the present weighbridge, electrical, and gas certificates.

Single axle or double axle – which one is ideal for you?

Caravans usually come with either a single axle (one pair of wheels) or a twin axle two pairs of wheels).  A single axle caravan is ideal for easily maneuvering the caravan site, especially if you’re a beginner. It’s also the perfect option if you have a smaller car.

On the other hand, bigger caravans require four wheels to support the whole load. More so, having two pairs of tires on both sides of a caravan offers better grip and better stability. However, you must remember that twin axle caravans are heavier; therefore, they’re only designed for bigger towing cars.

Determine the towing capacity of your car

Your caravan’s weight must never exceed your towing car’s weight. Before deciding which caravan to go for, it’s essential to check your car’s towing capacity unless you intend to purchase a towing car to tow the new caravan after purchasing it.      

Essentially, the lighter your caravan and heavier your towing car, the safer your entire outfit should be. Usually, pickups are ideal for towing most types of caravans. However, bigger vehicles are more effective when towing larger caravans, such as luxury static caravans along. If you’re uncertain of your car’s towing capacity, it’s included in the manufacturer’s handbook.

Scrutinize the caravan’s utilities

When inspecting the caravan, you should closely look at its gas, electricity, and water connections. If they have an issue or are damaged, that is a sign that they’ll soon become hazards. Make sure that you talk to the caravan seller, especially when purchasing a second-hand caravan. Ask the seller about the caravan’s history and ensure that every component is in the desired condition.

How to Identify a Stolen Caravan

When purchasing a caravan, especially if you’re purchasing a second-hand unit, you may run into some stolen caravans. And determining if a caravan can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to do so. First, closely look for signs of damage on or around the tires and wheel rims. If there’s a sign of damage, it could mean that a security gadget was removed forcibly.

In addition, ask the seller for official documents related to servicing and ownership, including caravan identification and registration. If you find twin-axled, big caravans being sold for an extremely low price, this can be an indication of a suspicious deal.

If you must view the caravan away from the premises or house of the seller, you should be suspicious, particularly if it’s an unauthorized storage area. Lastly, if the seller becomes reluctant to set an ideal time to view the caravan, this is also a sign of becoming suspicious of the deal.

The Bottom Line

Are you planning on getting the right caravan to go on adventurous trips and holidays? If so, then the tips mentioned above will help you make an informed decision. Before you opt to purchase a caravan, you should first plan to use the trailer. How will you bathe? Cook? Do you have equipment like surfboards that you want to take with you? These are the basic questions you must answer before shopping for a caravan.

These questions should help you determine the features, size, and configuration of your prospective caravan – therefore, you must be as realistic as possible. Once you’ve identified how you intend to use the trailer, then you can apply the tips mentioned above and purchase the trailer that suits your needs.