5 Best Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Shiny

Bad hair days can challenge your confidence. Being able to flaunt healthy, beautiful hair can lift your mood and make you feel very good about yourself. But healthy hair requires efforts that not only protect your head from damage but also help reverse the problem. 

Dirt, dust, sunlight, chemicals, and several other factors can have an intense impact on hair health, causing it to look dull, dry, and lifeless. So how do we go about protecting and repairing hair from these factors? Here are five elegant tips you can use to achieve beautiful, healthy, shiny hair naturally.   

1. Heat Styling And Colors

Heat styling and hair coloring are a boon for those who love to play with their hair. Curling, straightening the hair is quite fun to work with as they enable you to flaunt different looks with different hairstyles. But the catch here is that they have an intense effect on the overall health of your hair strands. If you are not willing to bid farewell to them yet, then make sure to invest in good quality heat protection sprays and serums that create a barrier to protect the hair from the heat. 

Hair coloring in vibrant shades of blue, green, yellow, burgundy, and even gorgeous effects like ombre are trending today. While these colors are enticing and impressive, they can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp. Try avoiding hair colors or stick to styles like streaks that cover only a small portion of your head. Alternatively, you can explore natural coloring options that are relatively safer. 

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2. Hair Care Routine  

Create a healthy hair care routine that embeds all necessary elements for your scalp and strands. Start by mildly oiling your hair before a shower to moisturize the strands gently. Alternatively, use a homemade hair mask. Use a comb to detangle strands as wet hair is fragile and tends to break when exposed to pressure. If you have a naturally oily scalp, even the brushing should help stimulate the natural oils to flow.

Wash with a mild shampoo and avoid shampooing the entire hair length. Use it only on the scalp and lather it throughout the length to avoid stripping moisture. Make sure to keep the water temperature lukewarm, as hot water is harmful to your hair. Apply conditioner starting at the ends of the hair and slowly working up. Spare your scalp with this product as it could block the follicles.

At this point, you can use a hair mask or deep conditioner as a way of pampering the hair to feel extra soft and shiny. It will help protect your hair from damage, especially if you often use heat tools. Finally, use a serum that protects the strands, especially from UV rays

3. Nutrients And Supplements

Diet influences your hair health directly. The food you eat should constitute a palette of nutrients that support hair growth, health, and texture. For example, keratin, a special type of protein that makes up the hair, is responsible for its strength, shine, and texture. Including foods like poultry, legumes, and nuts can help introduce the necessary dose of keratin to the system.

Similarly, vitamins A, D, E, iron, omega fatty acids, and zinc are a few other elements that play a crucial role in hair health. You can try including these elements through diet or folexin hair supplements that offer the correct dosage of each of these compounds for the best benefits.

4. Natural Remedies

Choosing natural ingredients that nourish the hair to curate your hair care routine can be one of the best ways to enjoy beautiful, healthy hair. CBD or cannabidiol from the cannabis plant is one such ingredient that can have powerful benefits for the scalp and hair. The moisturizing properties of the oil, combined with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, ensure a problem-free scalp and pampered hair that is shiny. CBD-infused hair care products in the routine can thus be beneficial.

Similarly, oils like argan oil can effortlessly induce a gorgeous shimmer to the hair. Rubbing the oil on the scalp and hair can be beneficial. An apple cider vinegar wash is also quite remarkable to elevate the texture and luster of your hair. Hair masks brimming with moisturizing ingredients help reduce hair damage and shine. Ingredients like yogurt, avocado, and banana are pure wonders for your hair. Create hair masks using them and cover your head completely. Let it rest for a few minutes before you wash away with a mild shampoo. The results will indeed be impeccable.

5. Products And Habits

Be careful while choosing products for your hair. Make sure they are subtle and suitable for the texture. Read the labels of your hair care products and avoid those which contain harmful elements. Look for a hairbrush with natural bristle as it drags natural oils from the scalp efficiently and boosts hydration.

Use necessary products and treatments to cope with scalp problems like dandruff as early as possible. Clean your pillowcase often and switch it to silk to reduce friction and fizziness. Rely on a healthy diet and a simple and consistent hair care routine to enjoy gorgeous, smooth, shiny hair. 


Good and healthy hair requires consistent efforts to nourish, protect, and help heal any damage. Try these five simple hair care tips that enable you to look after your hair with utmost care to achieve beautiful texture and a healthy sheen.