5 Best Things to Try in the USA

When you plan to visit a new country, you might already know some places to visit and things to do. Depending on your interests, you might want to go on cultural and city tours, day cruises, or spend days shopping for favorite brands. With this article, we want to give you ideas of leisure time in the USA.  

City tours

The best way to get acquainted with any country is to visit as many cities as possible. You will meet new people, see spectacular views, and understand some mentality factors that make the country unique. For example, you can start from Washington city, then move to Annapolis and Baltimore. You will find catchy things to see. Try to obtain as much time on your vacation as possible. We recommend you contact 7 seater car rental company that will assist you with a comfortable vehicle.

A versatile vehicle is generally a good choice whether you go alone or have a big company of fellow travelers. It may be an SUV or a minivan. You will get a spacious car for you and your bags at any airport of departure. The car rental industry has a wide net in the USA, so you can arrange any route, find lower prices, and compare conditions of diverse car suppliers. 

Natural wonders

It is “a must” to take a look at the miracles of nature. The USA lies on a large territory. Thus, you can find any breathtaking locations! If you love water, apparently choose Westcoast or Eastcoast beaches. Do you want to go hiking in the mountainous area? Choose Seattle in WA, the states of Nevada and Colorado. Enjoy the strict beauty with snow picks in the north of the USA. The best way is to rent a car and feel free to drive whenever you need. Let us remind you that you can consider taking the one-way option and drop a car when you need it. So you will not be chained to a particular place and will become flexible with your plans and time!

Get to know the history of the USA

The foundation of the USA happened about two hundred years ago. It is one of the youngest countries on our planet. Have you ever heard of the American spirit, which means the dream of wellness and freedom for everyone? When you observe the places, like industrial factories, centers, and older railway stations, you meet the country’s past. 

You can choose to visit the oldest regular passenger transportation railway station in the neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Formerly, it was designed to carry the logs out of the mountains in the XIX century. The train conductor will tell you stories about this place. At the same time, you will be riding through the pine woods and mountainous terrain.

Try exceptional activities

Another great railway is the Nevada Northern Railway’s Star Train. 

It will drive you alongside the dark rangers of Great Basin National Park. You will know more about stars from professional astronomists. During this time, you will be riding about 244 miles from Ely, Nevada, to the north of Las Vegas. That is an unforgettable experience, indeed.  

Alternatively, make the dream of your childhood come true! Enjoy staying for the night at the Home Alone house. It is on Airbnb now. We will leave this here for you to think about it. 

You can also go on some thematical tours. If you like movies, visit the Academy museum of motion pictures. If you want to try delicious food, take a gastro tour to know the cuisine better. 

Meet art

Even if you choose only one city to visit, you will find many exceptional places there. You can make a course with art galleries, museums, and monuments. Try renting a car to save money for a taxi and be free from the public transport schedule. Speaking about places, if you take a Washington, you can see the National Gallery of Arts, Free Gallery of Art, and Dumbarton Oaks Museum. You will see many pieces of art, modern or ancient.

As you see, there are a lot of things to do. That is not possible to include them into five points only. However, you can collect your top list of favorite places and activities in the USA!