5 Best Scrum Tools for Free

A lot of people think that Scrum tools are just for agile software development offices. If truth be told, the Scrum framework can be used in many production settings. It is also used by marketing agencies and even construction firms.

The fun part is that a large number of best project management software includes some functionality for following a Scrum framework. They incorporate items like backlogs and sprint planning features. IF any one of you interested in becoming a master in Scrum. We suggest you before appearing in Scrum Exams take CSM Practice Test and mock test these practice tests are very similar to real exams. These quizzes and practice tests will help you to become Certified Scrum Master.

In this article, we will be looking at the 5 Best Scrum Tools for Free.

5 Best Scrum Tools for Free


This an awesome when it comes to managing teams and projects. Monday.com has a lot of robust time tracking capabilities, along with customizable notifications and automation. These features enable you to focus on what’s important. You can use this tool to create, visualize, and share your roadmap to keep everyone in sync.

What’s more is that you can use the available backlogs, dependencies, and sprint planning. Moinday.com has a very intuitive interface. Everything is easy to create and use. The filter feature can be used to sort them according to any column you choose. This tool allows multiple views from which you can create burndown charts and analyze your work. This is a user-friendly tool, letting teams plan their sprints in a completely customizable interface.


Wrike is the best-known, project management software. It is trusted and used by 20,000+ organizations worldwide. This software consists of different Scrum tools and features. Wrike is configurable, it allows the users to customize workflows, reports, request forms, dashboards, and more. Due to it being so simple to use, you can switch between Agile Kanban boards, one-click Gantt charts, and traditional workload views.

You can use the pre-built Agile templates. Moreover, this software provides people with feature task lists, schedules, shared workflows, subtasks, file sharing, and real-time collaboration. Moreover, it has navigation with distinct spaces, folders, and tasks. On using Wrike, you can toggle quickly between calendars, reports, the home screen and timesheets, dashboards, and an activity stream. 


If you are looking for a Scrum-enabled collaboration platform for planning, organizing, and analyzing tasks then Nutchache would be your perfect choice. It works really well when it comes to both basic and complex levels of project management. You can use NutCache for the purpose of time tracking and invoice payment for all sorts of different types of projects. 

Nutcache causes you to oversee and track your project with shading coded plans, task association lines, and information announcing. You can likewise utilize their Gantt graph to outwardly design and put together your tasks and afterward change to a Scrum board to see.

It also has a wide range of sprint management features. These features can let you choose the sprint duration, define its goal, and link the sprint to its propaganda.


Jira is the most uses cloud and subscription-based software for agile teams. Due to its popularity, a lot of other project management apps include integrations with Jira. This tool has pretty much everything, except you do track down that different tools like Targetprocess offer more noteworthy levels of customization, particularly in building custom reports and dashboard perceptions. All things being equal, it’s a balanced, comfortable tool with sensible estimating plans for little groups, fair-sized groups, and enterprises.

Jira also incorporates Scrum project management tools, such as customizable Scrum and Kanban boards. On using Jira, you will also find yourself using custom filters for backlog grooming, customizable workflows, and dozens of visual reports. Jira can also be downloaded on your phone. One of the reasons why it is used so much is because of the way it integrates with the software development ecosystem.


Targetprocess has been designed in a way to suit various use cases and project management styles. If you are an agile company with diverse portfolios then using Targetprocess is a good choice. Targetprocess is an element-rich Scrum device offering high levels of customization, from adaptable perspectives to custom cards, graphical reports, and report layouts. 

Among Scrum devices. Targetprocess is one of the more versatile. It can be utilized on numerous levels for both Scrum-and Kanban-driven methodologies.


5 Best Scrum Tools for Free. Start using them, and you will see a clear difference in your work. It will start improving. Stay safe and keep learning. You can also take help from Assignment Help.