5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners: 2022 Favorites

With the increased digitization, Robots have taken over the industrial markets and even our daily lives. To your surprise, you can now get your hands on robotic vacuum cleaners in the twentieth century. Yet, choosing the best one from a long-provided list is quite challenging. To save you from this hassle, Viomi has come to your help. It offers a range of robot vacuum cleaners, each holding advanced features for different purposes. Let’s highlight the best top mop robot vacuum cleaners of Viomi that are trending in 2022. 

What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

A robot vacuum cleaner is used to pick up dirt and sweep floors and carpets without employing a human operator. They possess propelling brushes that rotate around along with a rolling brush. The electric motor creates suction while the brushes sweep the area. All the dirt collected is then sucked in and stored in a removable container. In addition to being completely automatic, robot vacuum cleaners are more efficient, in collecting dust and other dirt, than a regular vacuum cleaner. Therefore, robot vacuum cleaners are the way forward.

Top 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2022

  1. Viomi Alpha 2 Pro

This device uses four-line lasers to avoid obstacles. Hence it is also known as a Revolutionary Anti-Collision Cleaning Master. This technology helps the robot to map the house better and avoid collisions with obstacles. Its multiple sensors detect objects from afar. It uses its cutting-edge line to make a laser circle around those objects while precisely cleaning dirt without leaving a scratch. Using its ultra-efficient 360-degree AI sensors, it creates a house’s map and can adapt to any changes made in the household in the future.

  1. Viomi Robot Vacuum V5 Pro

This robot vacuum cleaner uses all the latest technology, like a 4000pa superior suction, to remove all kinds of garbage. In addition to this, it also has an ultra-long main brush 2.0. This 181mm long brush has an 80% coverage that helps ensure that the floors and carpets are cleaned properly. It also has a 320ml water storage capacity and a 5200mAh battery to ensure longevity.

V5 Pro
  1. Viomi Alpha S9

Also known as a self-emptying robot vacuum and mop, it contains a 3L dustbin that empties itself after cleaning into an auto dumping station. It can mop, sweep and vacuum using its 2-in-1, dust, and water hybrid tanks. Its electrically controlled water pump ensures accurate spraying control. Hence it avoids water shortage and leakage. It also has a Y-type mopping, which has greater coverage of the cleaning area. Moreover, its state-of-the-art mapping technology can store data up to 5 stories, hence optimal for large houses and villas.

  1. Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 Max

This device offers a lot of features as a robot vacuum and mop. If you are a clean freak, this manual-scrubbing- vacuum is best for you. Its cleaning efficiency is similar to the manual scrubbing as it employs Y type cleaning technique. It can mop, sweep, and vacuum together due to its hybrid 2-in-1 system and comes with additional storage tanks. The Robot Vacuum V2 Max has an anti-virus mopping system that provides 99% sterilization, so no additional disinfection is necessary. Above all, LDS laser navigation and incorporated algorithms ensure deep cleaning of multiple floors with the perfection you need. 

V2 Max
  1. Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 Max

This best-seller is a budget device that uses 360° LDS laser scanning with 24 different intelligent sensors for excellent mapping and route planning. It has an efficiency to store at least 5 floor plans and detect obstacles. It is multifunctional or 2-in-one robot vacuum, containing a hybrid system that can be used to mop and sweep with capacious dust bag and water tank. For good measure, its 5200 mAh battery means that it can clean your entire home in one go with 2700Pa suction power quietly and efficiently. 



Viomi has designed state-of-the-art robot vacuum cleaners using the latest technologies to ensure a clean environment in your household. They are available in all sizes, according to the size of your home. Their excellent mapping system makes sure every corner of the house is covered.