Globally, most people are sensitive about their birthdays irrespective of their gender and age. If you are one of them, this article can give your ideas to plan your next birthday bash. This time, you would learn about the five best ideas to enjoy your birthday in NYC.

Nevertheless, these areas are strictly for adults so, avoid following them if you are below 18. If you are a teenager, consider waiting for a few more years, and these ideas are all yours. 

As you know, NYC is a happening city in America, and it gives you multiple options to entertain yourself. Consider choosing an idea for your next birthday if you are based in this city. 

Five exciting birthday party ideas in New York City

Birthday parties should not always be limited to cakes and liquors. Well, that is quite stereotypic, and you must break it. Here are some birthday party ideas to incorporate and make your one exciting and memorable. Have a look:

1. Witness a Baseball match

If you are a baseball lover and have a set of friends who are the same, consider witnessing a game. There are two stadiums in New York City, Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. You can find regular games between the Yankees and Mets here. 

All you need to do is book the tickets in advance. While booking the keys, you need to note the Covid-19 guidelines. Then, visit and complete the entire booking procedure.

Finally, you can visit the stadium on your birthday with friends and enjoy the game while having some outstanding hot dogs and beer. Consider this as a day plan, and after the game ends, you can shift to something new. 

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2. Play Crazy Party Games

The “Game of 1000 Boxes” has lately become one of the coolest party games of New York City. So you can visit here with your friends on your birthday. However, remember to keep the headcount in multiples of 4.

Play the “Game of 1000 Boxes” to get a feeling no less than a party. It is a 360-degree AV thrill ride that every person can control with the help of gaming gear. Moreover, the lights and sounds add more thrill to the game. 

If you are accustomed to visiting the disco, consider playing the party mentioned above once. Indeed, you can get a feeling like a disco. However, you need to complete the game challenges rather than dancing. Just listen and follow the announcer’s instructions, and you can win the game.

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3. Have a backyard bash

Do not worry if you are based in or near NYC and do not have a backyard at your place. You can still have a backyard bash Nowadays. This place can be your best birthday party destination if you desire it to be unique. 

You, along with your friends, can dance, drink and eat Nowadays. This place has an outdoor dance floor and multiple trucks serving barbecue dishes. Moreover, you can enjoy DJ performances if luckily, your birthday falls on a weekend. On the other hand, you can witness the outdoor film series.

Finally, you must keep in mind checking the place’s tariffs before making a final plan. A brave decision you can take is visiting the place during a weekend even if it is not your birthday. 

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4. Drink and throw axes

If you desire to come in a relationship with insanity, choose to throw axes on your birthday. The Kick Axe Cafe gives you a chance to throw axes, drink beer and have fun. Well, the supervisors would always be present to take care of your activities. 

The axe throwing game is like a dartboard. You can score well if the axe sticks to the center of the target. If you visit the Kick Axe Cafe on your birthday, ask for the “birthday axe” from them. A “birthday ax” can earn you a free ax-throwing session again in the cafe within two weeks. So, do not forget to show your birthday ID.

The Kick Axe Cafe also serves different types of dishes you can try. It would be best if you visit this place in the evening. Well, there are other places too that offer you axe throwing. You can always choose a comfortable venue.

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5. Go for a “FRIENDS” experience

If you are a “Friends” fan, there would not be a better place to go than Central Perk on your birthday. You can visit Friends Experience, an area in NYC, to spend some time in the “Friends” world. Sit on the well-known velvet couch in Central Park and have some tea and pastries.

Moreover, you can try the original costumes like the Cow Jacket and the Bunny Suit. So, turning yourself into Rachel or Chandler would not be challenging. 

Visit the Friends Experience website and complete the process online to book your tickets to this place. Additionally, there is a merchandise Friends Experience store where you can find purchasable items.

For the best birthday bash of your life, do not forget to take a set of friends to this fantastic place. However, make sure all of them are “Friends” fans.

Friends Experience is always ready to welcome you but with proper Covid-19 guidelines. You must always wear a mask and use sanitizers. 

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Final words

If you have read the article till here, it would be easy for you to select a plan and inform your friends. Other things that you can also do on your birthday party are adventure sports and bike riding. However, these things can be risky. Well, as a final note, you must always drink responsibly on your birthday to avoid nuisance.