Waking up in the morning only to greet a cluttered, tiring shower can easily set a negative vibe for the whole day. To make sure your morning routine gets off to the most pleasant possible start, consider opting for natural stone in your bathroom’s shower – it has the unique ability of adding comfort, cleanliness and elegance all at once. 

Natural stone is an ideal choice since it’s porous construction makes it highly resistant to moisture, which translates into less cleaning needed. Moreover, the eye-catching visuals of marble or granite go great with virtually any interior design style. 

It’s no wonder natural stone is becoming increasingly popular for renovating showers. Whether it’s giving you extra space, or adding luxurious scenic vibes to your daily heavenly washing escape, natural stone can help you turn your morning ritual into something special – one which you won’t want to dip out on! View stone basins here.

1) Increased energy-efficiency

If your goal is to have the most comfortable mornings with a warm and inviting shower, ceramic tile may not be your best bet. While it is cost-effective and comes in a variety of styles and colors, ceramic cools down quickly, making for an unpleasant surprise when you walk in expecting warmth from your morning shower. 

Natural stone better retains heat, allowing you to enjoy a more energy efficient shower experience without sacrificing luxury. Whether you are seeking out a modern look or something classic, natural stone solutions can provide results that are worth the investment.

2) Expansive design options

Natural stones offer a unique and stylish design option for those looking to freshen up their shower space. With the wide range of options like marble, slate, granite, and travertine, you can match your shower space to any pre-existing design aesthetic. Whether you prefer classic tones of black and gold for a luxurious feel, or light and airy vibes with Calacatta Gold marble, natural stones provide an impressive backdrop for your shower that is both eye-catching and spacious.

3) Long-term savings

Natural stones provide an incredibly durable solution for any modern homeowner looking to invest in the long-term. Because of their long-lasting quality, natural stones require less frequent maintenance compared to ceramic stones and are therefore seen as a worthy investment that will only appreciate in value over time. 

Additionally, with new technology it has become much easier to work with natural stones, meaning that many Homeowners now find them within their budget and can benefit from the superior function and aesthetic that are so highly associated with this material.

4) Easy installation

Natural stone is hugely versatile, and its ability to come in sizes both large and small means that it can be installed in practically any type of space. The development of technology has enabled stones to become available in an ever-increasing variety of sizes, allowing for their use across nearly every area of the home. 

For example, using stones of a variety sizes together within your bathroom’s shower creates a cohesive look which ties together the floor, countertops and other features. No matter how oddly shaped or small a space may be, natural stone is reasonable sufficient to transform it into something extraordinary and truly unique.

5) Minimal maintenance

Maintaining natural stones is easy if you take the right precautions. With a little bit of special care and cleaning, you can make sure your stone will last a long time without peeling, cracking, or fading. 

You should also remember to seal your natural stones regularly in order to further exend its lifespan. When it comes time to clean your frequently exposed shower, we recommend a granite cleaner with natural stone protection, then wiping it dry right away. You should also polish shower walls and tub surrounds please note that shower floors shouldn’t be polished as that could lead to slippage. 

By taking these detailed measures, you can ensure that your beautiful shower made of natural stone lasts for years to come!