5 Benefits of Playing Carrom Game Online

Carrom is one board game that most Indians relate to, thanks to the time they spent during their childhood, during summer vacations, lifting the heavy board, setting the pieces, and sprinkle boric acid on the surface of the board making it either silky smooth or coarse based on its quality.

With people now leading busy lives and the chances of playing carrom board game with friends and family appearing bleak with each passing day, online games have taken a prominent place in our lives.

Easy online access to a game like carrom means individuals can invite their close ones for a friendly game or even play with strangers living in another part of the world. You can find mobile applications and websites that host free and paid rooms where you can polish your skills or compete against other active players for cash prizes.

There are many benefits to playing carrom online – health as well as financial. So, let’s take a look at how playing the carrom game can benefit its players –

Facilitates Quick Thinking

When you play carrom online, you are required to think fast because of the timer. If you are unable to make the shot, you concede your chance. Through frequent competitions, you begin to develop the ability allowing for quick thinking. 

Furthermore, you notice an improvement in your concentration levels, which allows you to try unorthodox trick shots that you may not have played initially. You also start observing your opponent and catch on their strategies.

Accordingly, you begin to formulate your own methods to beat them.

Better Decision-making

Carrom is about more than just pocketing the pieces; the board game requires you to pocket the right piece at the right time strategically as a way to unsettle your opponent. The in-game decisions you make dictate whether you win or lose the round, and in turn, whether you win or lose money.

By being analytical and keeping a close eye on your opponent’s choices, you can devise your own strategies to pull yourself out of the toughest of situations. Playing against different opponents teaches you the techniques to combat challenges that you might otherwise struggle in.

Brings Discipline into Life

You cannot master carrom overnight, as it requires a great number of practice attempts and playing against opponents with varied styles. As your experience grows, you become more disciplined with regards to your shot-making.

Every shot that you hit now is targeted towards pocketing the allotted piece or the Queen and then the cover. You also become more patient, which helps you to avoid risk-taking when it’s not required.

Through discipline, you keep an eye on the timer while picking your targets ensuring you do not miss any chances affected by time.

Expands Social Circle

With carrom being easily accessible online, it gives the chance to players across different countries to socialize with each other. Not only can you compete with other players, but even find like-minded individuals to widen your social circle. Online games offer chat features where you can express your emotions through emojis or simply words.

If you appreciate something the opponent has achieved, feel free to express and you might have made a new friend. Besides that, they also serve as a great platform to exchange information in the form of tips and tricks that you may wish you to learn to better your gameplay.

You can play and chat with your friends and family or make new friends in the same way.

Helps with Making Cash

Online games are a great way to make extra cash and if you are good at carrom, you can make quick bucks just by defeating your opponents. Mobile applications offer free rooms as well as paid rooms for their members to compete in.

The paid rooms have varying entry fees and cash prizes allowing you to make your choice based on how much money you want to spend. 

Additionally, you will notice occasional competitions with mega prizes at stake, the value of which is considered life-altering by many past winners. By winning one of these competitions, you can truly turn your life around. If not, then you can at least earn money on the side, in addition to your regular income.


Playing carrom games online is one of the best ways to unwind after a busy day. The challenges in the game always keep you on your toes, all the while teaching you how to handle stressful moments in life.

You also cannot discount the fact that it is a great money-making opportunity if you master the crafts of online carrom. Rest assured it is one of the experiences you will cherish and will want to make new memories that you take pride in.You can also read the detailed article written on Online Carrom vs Offline Carrom game.